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Responsible Travel Writing Course Launches, Encourages Writers to Embrace Their Influence

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Responsible Travel Writing Course Launches, Encourages Writers to Embrace Their Influence 

Enrollment is now open for Responsible Travel Writing: A Course for Content Creators, the first online course of its kind.

The self-paced course includes more than 50 lessons, interviews and webinars with experts, insight from editors, a downloadable workbook, and ongoing learning material. Those who enroll during a limited time launch sale can take advantage of 50% off the course’s full price.

Operating in a world that often seems chaotic and overwhelming, the tourism industry is grappling to ensure the work it does moving forward maximizes tourism’s benefits while doing minimal harm to people and the planet. As a conduit of information between destinations and potential travelers, travel writers are an essential part of the tourism ecosystem and key to helping readers mitigate destructive practices when they travel. Responsible Travel Writing arms new and seasoned travel writers with the tools and techniques they need to ensure they conduct their work in the most ethical, thoughtful, and responsible way possible and encourage readers to do the same.

The course is created by JoAnna Haugen, who has worked in communications-related positions in the tourism industry for more than a decade and as a consumer-facing travel writer for about five years. “As a travel writer, I leaned heavily on mentors and educators to make sure I acted ethically,” she said. “This is the course I wish I had as I learned to navigate the complexities of travel writing.”

Responsible Travel Writing thoroughly covers three main aspects of a travel writer’s job:

1.     How to approach on-the-ground work, including considerations related to bias and perspective, who and how to interview, managing background context, and what aspects of a destination to highlight. This requires writers to understand the positive and negative impacts their work can have on local people and the destinations about which they write.

2.     The writing and publishing process, including understanding the weight and repercussions of word choice, article formats, point of view, and headlines.

3.     Carrying out work as a writer, traveler, and global citizen in a responsible way, including making decisions while being mindful of the climate emergency, understanding how to ethically participate in press trips, and engaging with editors with integrity.

Responsible Travel Writing: A Course for Content Creators, is produced through Rooted, a solutions platform at the intersection of sustainable tourism, social impact, and storytelling.

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