Research: A Trove of Life and Diversity, Brazil Beckons Adventurers

6 November 2019

With the greatest biodiversity on earth spread over six terrestrial biomes and three large marine ecosystems, Brazil provides an abundance of water, fertile land, hundreds of thousands of animals and plants, and paradisiacal landscapes. It’s a blend of nature and culture offering diverse adventure opportunities. With 273 parks peppered across its territory, Brazil has a rich offering of experiences for any level of adventurousness.

A new report prepared by the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) for travel companies considering selling Brazil shares the candid feedback and first-hand perspective of international travel buyers attending AdventureNEXT Latin America, a regional travel trade event. The event, which took place 7-9 November 2018 in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, brought together 49 international outbound adventure businesses and 15 travel media to experience Brazil. During the event’s Marketplace, delegates also met with 65 national and regional suppliers.

The ATTA surveyed the attending buyers before and after the event. The findings have been compiled in Brazil & Latin America: Insights and Opinions from International Media and Tour Operators, which is available for download.

Many buyers noted Brazil as an adventure travel destination “exceeded” their expectations. Among the top destination highlights from buyers’ experiences were visits to the Pantanal (56%), Iguazú Falls (49%), Rio de Janeiro (20%), and Ilha do Mel (20%) and encounters with local people (20%). Almost all buyers (85%) expressed a firm interest in adding new Brazil products as a result of their event attendance, and nearly two-thirds of those interested buyers (65%) also report considering Mato Grosso do Sul specifically for their portfolios.

Travelled to Brazil many times, over 20 trips, (and I had) never been to (the) Pantanal region, this was the top highlight.” - Anonymous survey comment from a travel advisor buyer from the United Kingdom

Mato Grosso do Sul hosted the AdventureNEXT Latin America event. Prior to the event, 19 buyers participated in multi-day adventures with local tour operators in the area. Brazil’s sixth-largest state attracts travelers interested in cycling, ecological trails, canyon hiking, waterfalls, rappelling, caving, and kayaking. The Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands area, is rich with exotic wildlife. Those who explored Mato Grosso do Sul rated their experience as “excellent” and “strongly agreed” when asked if they’d recommend the local tour operator they experienced to others. The report lists the Brazilian and Latin American suppliers who attended AdventureNEXT Latin America.

Brazil is committed to being ready for visitors looking for adventure and cultural diversity. As a result of hosting the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games, the country offers tourism-related infrastructure that accommodates all types of visitors. Ecotourism attracts many travelers to Brazil, and the country’s natural attractions call to more adventurous visitors who want to hike, bike, climb, swim, and raft. Additionally, citizens of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and Japan can now apply online for a Brazil e-visa, making travel arrangements far easier; visitor visa requirements for Chinese and Indian nationals are now waived.

To learn more about Brazil and what buyers have to say about its adventure travel possibilities, download the report (free to ATTA members, $99 USD for non-members).