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Remote Satellite Systems International

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Mike Libecki (A National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for 2013) is a long-time user of RSSI technology

Mike Libecki (A National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for 2013) is a long-time user of RSSI technology

Remote Satellite Systems® was established in the SF Bay Area in 1995 as a Satellite Integration Company. When Remote Satellite Systems International (RSSI) was founded, satellite communications looked much different than they do today. The equipment was heavier, the costs were higher, and getting everything to work correctly required a great degree of technical expertise, not to mention patience. Remote Satellite Systems has grown over the years to become one of the most successful satellite telephone companies in the country. Our mission is to educate our customers so that they become totally knowledgeable on which product best suits their needs and on how to operate them with ease. We strive to help our customers understand the technology and its operation so that they get the best value for their investment.

Remote Satellite Systems is a manufacturer representative and Value Added Reseller for all the latest and new satellite communication technologies, specializing in redundant emergency communications and off-the-grid solutions. We have been able to develop long-term customer relationships through a detailed emphasis on our customer needs and requirements. It is through these partnerships that Remote Satellite Systems has been able to grow and deepen its technical expertise and prowess in a business that had just began and is today a booming high tech industry.

LogoWhile much of the cost and complexity in satellite communications (“SatCom”) has been eliminated, there are still potential pitfalls that can sneak up on unsuspecting customers. That’s why RSSI, with its laser-like focus on customer service and solving the most challenging customer use cases, continues to thrive in this industry.

Products and Services

Remote Satellite is one company, but it performs two roles. On one side, it sells satellite communications equipment to governments, companies, and individuals, and trains them how to use it. Satellite phones are not all alike, and picking the right one requires an expert advisor who can match features and capabilities to individual use cases.

RSSI is also a phone company. Like your local carrier, it buys and sells minutes and data capacity on the network. But instead of copper wires in the ground, its network resides with satellites circling the globe hundreds of miles above.

Each mode of satellite communication has a unique use case. For example, a customer who requires uninterrupted connections for long conversations will likely be pointed toward a phone that works with satellite networks placed in geosynchronous orbits. However, these satellites don’t cover all places on the globe, and large objects, such as mountains and buildings, may block connections.

On the other hand, satellites in low-earth orbit, such as the Iridium network, can reach anywhere on earth–even Antarctica! But phones that work on these networks are susceptible to lost connections as calls are “handed off” from one satellite to another, much like cellular networks on land. There are tradeoffs to consider with each network, and RSSI knows each of them intimately.

RSSI can also provide SatCom solutions that deliver “push to talk” functionality that mimics traditional radio communication. The company has installed this type of solution with several public safety and emergency response personnel in the earthquake-prone San Francisco Bay Area, providing a dependable communications line in the event of a disaster.

Primary Markets

Remote Satellite serves two primary markets; businesses and organizations that need a reliable form of backup communications, and explorers and travelers who need an unfailing line of communication for both leisure and safety.

Reason for joining the ATTA

Remote Satellite has long standing relationships with adventurers of both land and sea. In our twenty years of working alongside wilderness explores we’ve developed an understanding of their communications needs. ATTA is a fantastic group, comprised of users with the vision and drive to get to the untouched parts of our planet: the true birthplace of satellite communications.

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