Redpoint Resolutions Provides Humanitarian Efforts in Nepal

11 August 2015

1After April’s earthquakes in Nepal, Redpoint sprang into action – rescuing 33 people from four different areas, including search and rescue missions in the Annapurna region. The evacuees were a combination of Ripcord travel insurance clients and our partners’ customers in need.

Over a three week period, Redpoint worked with local aid organizations and international NGOs to deliver or directly facilitate the delivery of approximately 11,000 kg of aid, helping over 11 villages in the remote regions of Manasulu and Gorkha. Each village had been cut off from the rest of the country and this aid was the first relief these villages had received since the earthquake.

2Our teams worked with locals and international NGOs to develop delivery methods to additional regions. This assistance helped the locals control the delivery of aid and relief supplies. Local partners are continuing to use this transport model to move aid supplies to local communities still suffering from the earthquake.

3Redpoint provided medical support to the village of Laprak (near Gorka) via medical flights, with Redpoint doctors on the ground assisting with a variety of medical cases. We also worked closely with local first responders to assist in training and development for improved ambulance services.

Redpoint believes in supporting positive change. We are proud of our teams’ efforts in Nepal, and will continue to prepare to respond to the next natural disaster affecting our clients and the adventure travel community.

4Please contact Martha Marin ([email protected]) to discuss our partnerships with tour operators and ATTA members.

About Redpoint Resolutions

Ripcord is powered by Redpoint Resolutions LLC, an elite team of problem solvers available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We offer the only one-stop comprehensive travel protection product that combines elite evacuation and rescue services with the fully insured benefits of a traditional travel insurance product. Ripcord is backed by American Modern Insurance Group, Inc., a subsidiary of MunichRe, with an “A+” AM Best insurance rating.

5Together and through our contacts across the globe, we provide unparalleled travel insurance, medical, security, intelligence and evacuation solutions when you need them most.

Redpoint covers more than 9 million people.

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