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Recal, the Mindful Adventure Travel Company, Sets Sights on Quiet Parks, Dark Skies and Breathwork as Key Ingredients to Their Remedy for Stress and Burnout

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Recal’s Retreat-style Trips are Designed to Help People who Face High Stress-levels at Work, Combining Nature with Coach-led Mindfulness Practices

Recal, a company founded in early 2021 that specializes in mindful adventure travel, has an ambitious and unique approach to its curated, retreat-style trips. With a mission to solve the fast-growing health and wellness problems caused by overwork, fatigue, and stress, Recal created a new model known as “Mindful Adventure Travel.”  With this approach, Recal develops a mindfulness-based itinerary for each trip that incorporates time to rejuvenate both the mind and body.

For the 2022 season, Recal (short for “recalibrate”) is headed to locations that not only bring adventure, they also stimulate our senses, with trips to places like the Anza-Borrego Desert (awarded a Dark Sky designation in 2018), Glacier National Park (a 2017 Dark Sky and a Quiet Park nominee by Quiet Parks International), or the Boundary Waters Canoe Area in northern Minnesota (also a Dark Sky as well as Quiet Park nominee). Each location brings something different — desert landscapes, glacial-fed lakes and mountains, thick forest lakes and rivers, rainforest-like terrain — while also offering a consistent experience for its visitors: a complete nature immersion.

But Recal trips aren’t just about the destination. They are about the state of being of the people who venture there.

Glacier National Park, Montana

High stress levels at work is a leading cause of anxiety and burnout. Burnout can be more than just feeling tired, overworked, or mentally and emotionally drained; it can feel like a total loss of motivation and energy depletion. And with the growing unrest in the workforce today, executives and employees alike have been craving a breather. 

Recal’s solution provides this breather by enabling travelers to center themselves, renew their sense of energy, and attain a recalibrated mindset. A primary reason their formula works is because of the mindfulness practices that breathe life into each trip.

Simply put, mindfulness is a state of being where a person is intensely aware and present of themselves and their surroundings. There are many ways to practice mindfulness, and the one that receives particular attention on a Recal trip is breathwork. Breathwork is a type of exercise in which you consciously control your breathing — with deep inhales or exhales, change of pace between fast and slow breathing, or holding the breath for long periods of time. Over the course of a 15-20 minute breathwork session, there are many reported mental and physical benefits, but most importantly it is the way it helps shed stress and allow space for self-reflection. 

Each trip is led by a Recal Mindfulness Coach, who is certified in various areas of wellness, but in particular breathwork (typically Wim Hof, XPT, or Oxygen Advantage certification).

Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington

In addition to breathwork during the trip, Recal empowers every attendee to kickstart a journaling practice by providing a free Recal Journal. They also host an orientation/coaching session to prepare visitors for the upcoming trip and provide guidelines for how to remain calibrated — and keep anxiety and burnout at bay — after the trip ends.

“I’ve been in those shoes before,” says Anthony Lorubbio, the founder of Recal. “Earlier this year, I was way out of calibration, primarily due to my long hours at the office in a seemingly never-ending hamster wheel of stress and anxiety. It wasn’t until a “recal” trip of my own that I was able to get out of the funk I was in.” Lorubbio started his career as co-founder of a distillery, which began as a class project in college, and ran the company as CEO for eight years. From there, he joined a private equity firm as an operating partner, holding roles as Chief Transformation Officer and CEO at two different portfolio companies — all within 11 months. “These high-stress positions left me burnt-out, and after my own experience in how to overcome it, I wanted to share it with others,” Lorubbio says. Recal was founded in February 2021, shortly after returning from his own mindful adventure trip.

The Berkshires in Massachusetts

Recal’s guided trip options are based in the United States and are available online at

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