Ramartour Madagascar

19 April 2016

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARamartour Madagascar is a true adventure tour operator in Madagascar. We specialize in tailor-made tours from specific itineraries to more general package tours on the entire island of Madagascar.

Ramartour Madagascar, a small, dynamic and modern family-run business, wants to expand its tourism product, not only focusing on international but also on the domestic tourism market, allowing local people to know how to preserve Madagascar’s biodiversity.

Ramartour was formed by 30 dynamic employees from various nationalities and backgrounds, such as administration, travel advisors, tourism agents, bilingual drivers, accompanying guides, and local specialized tour guides. We are committed to the needs and wishes of our clients, and through our tailor-made tours and packages, we show our professionalism and commitment to drive the sustainable development of Madagascar’s tourism industry.

We are a professional Tour Operator Car-Rental Travel Agency certified by the Tourism Ministry. We are members of The Madagascar Tourism Board (ONTM) as well as members of the Association of the Professional Tour Operators of Madagascar (TOP). Since 2013, we are accompanied and assisted via a 4-year program offered by the Dutch government under the bureau CBI, which assists small and medium-sized companies in developing countries towards improvement on services, professionalism and sustainability.

Rivertrip (87) - KopiRamartour Madagascar offers a vast array of adventure tourism itineraries for travel enthusiasts. With a focus on both tailor-made and package tours, we propose hiking through our beautiful national parks, off-road driving in a 4WD vehicle, diving in our impressive waterways, home stays to meet local people, interaction with Madagascar’s diverse wildlife (including night visits to see nocturnal species), and canoeing in our lakes and canals.

On a global scale, Madagascar represents exceptional diversity making it one of the most important regions in terms of rare habitats and leading species. 80% of the local animal species and 90% of local vegetation are native to Madagascar. Culturally speaking, 18 different tribes in Madagascar share the same language, Malagasy, creating a national identity despite any cultural differences. From rainforest to desert, from limestone pinnacle forests to white paradise beaches, from highlands to mountains, Madagascar is an ideal adventure travel destination! Madagascar is home to the Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, offering impressive canyons, caves, and hanging bridges, as well as hiking in the amazing Mantadia-Andasibe Rainforest.

We recently joined the ATTA, firstly in order to make new business connections and partnerships in largely in the Anglophone countries who seek nature and adventures in unknown destinations like Madagascar.

Secondly, to learn more about the adventure travel industry with the hope we will able to compare our offers and what we can improve on our services, taking in consideration sustainability.

Thirdly, and the reason why we will attend the summit in Alaska this year, is to visit this beautiful country, taste the American adventure and meet in person the other professional members of ATTA in whom to create network with.

And last but not least, to expand our business by selling our products in American, Canada and Northern European markets.

Presently, our primary markets are Denmark, the Netherlands, the UK, Italy… over the last few years, we’ve become increasingly known by the rest of the world so we’re starting to see clients from Asia, America, and also Africa.

Client demographics are shifting as well; for instance, groups of young pepople from Denmark, elder people from Finland and Sweden, adventures people from the Netherlands, young married couples from the UK...all our current clients proving that Ramartour is a real tailor-made tour operator in Madagascar.