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Rainforest Expeditions Receives Recognition for Sustainability Initiative

7 May 2024

At the closing of the 11th edition of WTM Latin America, held at the Expo Center Norte in São Paulo, inspiring initiatives that are transforming the tourism landscape in Latin America were highlighted. Among the awarded projects, the outstanding performance of Rainforest Expeditions for its Wired Amazon program was recognized for its significant contribution to biodiversity conservation.

Wired Amazon is an innovative initiative that combines conservation science with ecotourism through citizen science. In the Rainforest Expedition ecolodges, travelers witness astonishing wildlife and also have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting world of scientific research. Wired Amazon raises awareness and spreads the importance of the Amazonian tropical forest and the urgency of its conservation and preservation with the help of citizen scientists from all over the world.

Receiving the bronze in the Best Biodiversity Conservation Initiative category, Rainforest Expeditions was celebrated for its exceptional commitment to environmental preservation and its involvement with local communities. In a competitive field with 158 entries, the Peruvian company stood out alongside other Latin American initiatives for its innovative and effective approach.

Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism of Brazil emphasized the importance of recognizing projects like Rainforest Expeditions, which not only promote responsible tourism but also drive sustainable development in the region.

The award reinforces Peru's central role as a leader in responsible tourism in Latin America and highlights Rainforest Expeditions' initiative and its Wired Amazon program as a role model. At a time when sustainability and environmental preservation are global priorities, Rainforest Expeditions' recognition underscores the importance of initiatives that combine tourism with conservation, providing tangible benefits for the environment and local communities.

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