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Quivertree Family Expeditions

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Quivertree Family Expeditions is a new kind of travel company – run by families who love to explore for families who love exploring. Our travel addicted founding brothers, Gideon and Philip Nurick, were already seasoned travelers when their children were born so it seemed natural to continue traveling and experience the world through their children’s eyes. Now, 17 years and six continents later, we’re using our passion and experience to create the perfect family experience for you.

So what are we about? Well, we got thoroughly sick and tired of looking up “family travel” and finding information about snacks, naps, theme parks and changes of clothes. We’re about real family travel that entails seeing the world. We actually believe that seeing the world means tasting, observing and feeling the special sensations that happen in real places with real people and cultures. The memories we create together will be life-lasting and forge incredible family bonds even with reluctant adolescents. Exciting, shared family travel will result in many hours of discussion, and debate (did you prefer white water rafting to tubing to zorbing to scuba diving or just lying on the beach ? and which beach was your favorite ?).

Our mission is to provide each family with a unique custom- designed experience. How do we do that ? Firstly, we are not wholesalers who are marketing travel all around the globe. You’ll only go where we’ve boldly gone before. We currently offer six destinations (Guatemala, New Zealand, Southern Africa, India, Colombia and Israel/Jordan). Over the next 18 months, we expect to add up to ten additional destinations including Vietnam/Cambodia/Laos, Iceland, Portugal, Bulgaria and Turkey.

After our customers have completed our personalized travel questionnaire, we go about creating their special, family explicit trip. We don’t send them on a generic group trip with other people where the people or activities may be hit-or-miss; no, this is a singular family adventure , and every last detail is designed for the enjoyment, learning and comfort of each family. We use only seasoned and highly regarded operators in each country and each trip contains numerous once in a lifetime experiences.

Because each family and each trip is one-of-a-kind , we are not bound by dates or schedules. We will fit each expedition to meet the needs, preferences and schedules of each family, and our trips are flexible enough to allow for last moment changes. There is no tour bus to catch or other travelers restricting our families. It’s just our clients , local guides and the world.

Why do our customers love what we do ? Because we understand family travel, we’ve been doing it for over 15 years, and we continue to explore exotic destinations with our own children (this year Mozambique, Turkey, Jordan, Bulgaria and Georgia). Our families recognize our passion for travel and that we have invaluable life experience as family travelers. We’re using our own life experience and adventures to create the dream adventure for your family. We know that if your children are bored or miserable, you will be too. So instead of doing what everyone else does , we look for special cultural and natural adventures that will fill your family memories for many years to come.

ATTA: Quivertree Family Expeditions is looking to network and partner with other companies who share our philosophy that family travel can be filled with adventure, fun and learning, and who believe, like us, that children can make the best, most curious, most adventurous travel companions.

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