Q1 Dates Selected for ATTA’s U.S. Regional Meeting Series

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regional-meeting-300x115ATTA’s Regional Meeting series is coming to key locations around the United States.

The ATTA’s regional meetings are open to all travel industry professionals, typically creating peer-to-peer networking among tour operators, destination marketing representatives, specialty and adventure travel agents, and consumer and travel trade media.

Mark your calendars for the Regional Meetings in the following cities:

  • Boulder/Golden: February 11th
  • Boston: February 19th (learn more & register)
  • New York City: February 24th
  • San Francisco: March 12th

1 Comment to Q1 Dates Selected for ATTA’s U.S. Regional Meeting Series

  1. I am the owner-operator of our very first adventure travel operator in Michigan, USA. I would like to put a plug in for what we have to offer and am hoping that my ATTA fellow members will try to help establish some partnerships and promote Michigan as a great North American destination. I would like the opportunity to host a regional meeting some day and will work hard to gain the trust and establish solid bookings for travellers. I look forward to working with everyone.


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