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Pure Adventures Launches All-New “Trail to Table” Tours

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Pure Adventures announces the launch of its new “Trail to Table” tour collection, designed to combine multi-sport adventures with local food experiences.

Each “Trail to Table” tour features hand-picked activities meant to showcase the best of the destination’s natural highlights, whether that be cycling through charming villages and vineyards, kayaking a scenic coastline, or horseback riding in mountainous terrain. Travelers also experience the authentic flavors of a place by shopping in its neighborhood markets, visiting artisanal food producers’ workshops, and learning culinary traditions via hands-on cooking classes or demonstrations from local chefs. It’s a delicious new way to make genuine connections with dream locations across Europe and South America.

With the innovative “Trail to Table” tours, a variety of active pursuits get travelers deep into some of the world’s most iconic landscapes, while a sampling of food and drink experiences keep mouths watering as they dig into the cultural cornerstones of how and what people eat.

The new collection is a collaboration between Pure Adventures and new adventure travel company, Elemental Journeys. In their combined 40+ years in the adventure travel industry, Trail to Table co-creators Loren Siekman, Richie Daigle, and Natalie Cook came up with the mission to help travelers experience worldwide destinations authentically through a locals-driven, rather than corporate-driven, approach to trip design.

“Just as active exploration creates an intimate connection to a new corner of the world, a great meal can tell the story of a people and culture,” says Loren Siekman, President of Pure Adventures and co-creator of the Trail to Table collection.

As travelers themselves, the collection’s three co-creators share a craving for authentic connections within the regions they explore. Immersing themselves in the natural beauty of a new place via a hike or bike ride is a strong part of their identity, and it’s what they want to share with their clients.

“We wanted to craft a collection of tours that’s intentional in offering you a more well-rounded view of a place, both physically (from land, water, foot, and bike) as well as culturally — truly from trail to table,” says Natalie Cook, co-creator of the collection.

The initial collection will include ten unique tours for 2018: Burgundy, Provence, Loire Valley, Hungary’s Lake Balaton region, Croatia’s Dalmatian Islands, Puglia, Sardinia, Tuscany, Argentina’s Northwest, and Chile’s Lake and Volcano District.

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1 Comment to Pure Adventures Launches All-New “Trail to Table” Tours

  1. Congratulations. What a great concept. When I think back to some of the most memorable moments of my own travels, it’s the smells and sights of the local food markets and street food carts that still make me salivate. There is so much to discover and learn about other cultures and daily life through food, but there is also the opportunity to expand our own knowledge of flavors and cooking techniques.

    Enjoying a meal together is the greatest way to form a bond and also a great opportunity to really talk and listen.

    Food was always a key element to adventure travel so it’s great to see you guys acknowledge and elevate it in this way.

    We wish you every success!

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