Protecting Animals and Nature in Adventure Travel — ATTA Announces New OnlineEDU Course

14 March 2022

The Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA) has partnered with two industry experts, Daniel Turner and Helen Usher with Animondial, a tourism-focused consultancy specializing in animal and nature protection to provide a new OnlineEDU course entitled “Protecting Animals and Nature in Adventure Travel”. The self-paced course contains experienced guidance, expert interviews, and practical tools to help you achieve success in putting the principles of maintaining animal welfare and the protection of nature into practice. 

The Animal and Nature Protection OnlineEDU course is designed to inform, inspire and empower travel and tourism organizations to minimize the negative impact on nature by reducing activities that drive biodiversity loss, and to restore ecosystems in partnership with others, apply animal-friendly, nature-positive action across your value chain, and invest in nature-based community-led solutions that support local people who live alongside natural areas to encourage stewardship. 

This seven-course track will provide the right resources, tools, and knowledge to assess the operational dependencies on animals and nature within your organization.  Furthermore, identifying the opportunities to reduce your impact and improve your operations and activities to overcome industry challenges and bring greater value and better protection of animals and nature. Here are some key takeaways you can expect to learn from this course: 

  • The business case for the protection of animals and its importance to planetary health;
  • The importance of animal protection to climate change mitigation and reaching Net Zero;
  • Principles of maintaining animal welfare and methods on how to assess it; 
  • Insight on unsustainable consumption of nature, how to identify it and better manage it;
  • Ability to distinguish high-risk animal-based activity and identify responsible alternatives;
  • The means to create, integrate and apply your animal protection commitment;
  • The importance of community-led animal protection and how to embrace it.
The Protecting Animals and Nature in Adventure Travel full course track delivers over five hours of video lessons. The seven-course track also features six expert interviews, four hands-on exercises, and three downloadable resources. Watch the promotional video below to meet the Educators and learn about the scope of the course. 

Adventure needs nature and animals; they are vital to tourism and the destinations we love to visit. By adopting the right policies and procedures, your company can help bring greater value and protection to animals and nature, fulfill your CSR and SDG obligations, and achieve Net-Zero in accordance with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. This is an inspiring and unique course with novel content that will leave you empowered in your role, and brimming with new ideas and practical guidance that you can put straight into practice.