PromPerú FAM Trip Recap

27 June 2012
Puerto Maldonado - Peru

Last week, PromPerú hosted a FAM trip throughout the Puerto Maldonado and Cusco areas of Perú for seven top tier tour operators from the United States and Canada. Companies that were part of this trip included: Adventure Within Reach, Boundless Journeys, Butterfield & Robinson, Country Walkers, Elder Treks, Row Adventures and Zagrahm Expeditions.

The adventure began in Puerto Maldonado, where guests of the FAM trip visited Lake Sandoval to experience the abundant natural and wildlife setting of Peru. During their stay in the Reserva Amazonica de Inkaterra, guests were exposed Peru’s many facets of nature when they participated in activities in a variety of unique settings. Guests saw the Amazon in a new light during a nighttime exploration through the rainforest, took in the scenery at high altitudes in an excursion through the canopy and learned about traditional medicinal plants.

The adventure continued when guests arrived in Cusco. They were greeted by the spectacular Machu Picchu before continuing on to visit the surrounding areas. At the Platarium de Cusco, they discovered “cosmovisión,” or the Incan way of viewing the world through the relationship of the stars with agriculture and the rich soil in the Sacred Valley. The FAM trip was complete with an inspection of some of the finest hotels in Lima, Cusco and Puerto Maldonado.

Throughout the FAM trip our guest tour operators experienced first hand the new properties and up and coming regions that make Peru an ideal tourist destination. By providing them with a memorable experience, Peru is redefining itself as a top destination for its nature, culture, adventure and archeological offerings. We are exited about the success of this FAM tour and look forward to more opportunities in the future.

Puerto Maldonado - Peru
Machu Picchu - Cusco
Sacsayhuaman- Cusco