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Pro Guide Direct

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Pro Guide Direct was founded on a very simple idea:
Nothing is more powerful than a personal and expert recommendation.

Whether it be the places we go, adventures we seek or the things we buy – our endless choices in the process are made infinitely easier when someone we know, someone with insider knowledge, offers a little input and real insight.

Pro Guide Direct is designed to allow professional guides, adventure travel companies and outdoor schools a seamless and convenient way to recommend the best and most appropriate gear to their clients. By making it simple to create personalized gear lists based on specific activities, clients are guaranteed direct access to the most appropriate technical equipment and apparel for their adventure.
Becoming a member of Pro Guide Direct is completely free, and we pay YOU up to 15% commission on every sale. Your clients ask you for your professional advice on gear every day don’t you think you should get paid for those professional recommendations? We do!

Welcome to Pro Guide Direct

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