Preserving the Natural Balance of the Amazon

21 July 2014

The concern with the preservation of the environment is part of the day-to-day life of a group of people in the Amazon rainforest. Knowing the importance of taking care of the flora and fauna’s diversity, the company Katerre Expedition raises awareness and encourages communities of the Rio Negro to protect species of turtles, who were in danger of extinction.

The work of preserving the turtles was initiated more than twenty years ago and has gained the support of the Expedition Katerre and of the Scottish Paul Clark, also founder of Vivamazônia school which promotes literacy for children in the region. The school children are taught from a young age to take care of the environment that surrounds them, respecting nature and learning about their cycles and charming mysteries. The awareness of both the communities and visitors, who the company leads to an immersion in the Amazon, has concrete results, collectively thrilling all who witness the release of turtles in the river.

The project begins with the turtle eggs being collected in the Amazonian beaches and care until the turtles are born and develop a harder shell. This increases the chances of the animal reaching adulthood. At the right moment, children help to release the hatchlings into the river, and learn even more about this fascinating species of nature, an inhabitant of the planet millions of years ago.

Man needs to show that he is able to live in harmony with nature, and not become the enemy of a species that has lived here for so long and end up with the natural balance of the forest. With the help of the people in the communities and Katerre Expedition, children are being educated to protect nature and create a better and more sustainable world.

Those who want to know more about this exciting project can try an itinerary with Katerre, which takes visitors to know the Rio Negro and its tributaries in exciting expeditions.