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Practical Travel Gear Reviews our Next Generation of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants™

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“Keeping your valuables safe and packing light now go together better thanks to some soft and comfortable—but significantly lighter—P^Cubed Adventure Pants.”

“Now the P^Cubed Adventure Travel Pants are out in a new nylon fabric that’s much lighter, but is also rugged and solidly constructed. This “Nature-like Nylon” is also a much softer synthetic than you’ve probably felt against your skin too. It doesn’t feel slick and it doesn’t make the swishy sound many travel pants do when your legs rub together.

Naturally these will dry faster, whether that’s after being caught in a downpour or after they need a sink washing from a week of heavy wear. They’ll also wick the sweat coming off your body if you’re not in the humid tropics. And they can sit in your stuffed carry-on for a flight over the ocean and not be wrinkled on the other end.

The best part is, you don’t give up anything choosing these over the original heavy cotton ones except for weight. The nylon ones even have a “diamond gusset crotch” to allow more free movement. You still get all the terrific features that enable you to leave the money belts, money pouches, and hidden zipper products at home. It’s next to impossible for a pickpocket to get in and steal your valuables when you’ve got these pants on unless you’re passed out and drooling on the sidewalk.”

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