Possibly the Perfect Packing Tool: New Eagle Creek Pack-It Specter Tech™ Structured Cube

12 September 2017

The new Pack-It Specter Tech™ line blends the best features of Pack-It Specter™ and Pack-It Original™ for the ultimate packing tool set.


  • Ultra lightweight fabric
  • Stain/Spill resistant
  • Translucent for visibility
  • Double zippers
  • Clamshell opening for full access
The new Structured Cube takes it a step further and combines the best functions of two of their most popular styles to create posibly the best single packing tool, ever.
  • Folding board
  • Compresses to half original size if needed
Using the wrinkle-fighting folding board of the Folder with the compresion capabilites of the Compression Cubes, the Structured Cube enables you to get just the right balance of compact and flat-folded so you look like a champ striaght out of the bag.

If you're more worried about wrinkles, leave the cube un-compresed for wrinkle free goodness, or zip it down if space is your main concern.