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Pomegranate Journeys

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Pomegranate Journeys is a Canadian adventure travel outfitter that sees active travel differently. We believe in creating the perfect experience for our primarily North American clientele by delivering a sensory rich journey at the heart of each travel experience. Pomegranate is committed to a limited choice of select and unique European destinations and itineraries along with small group sizes. As a new company, we pride ourselves on being able to put the owners on each one of our departures, assuring quality control and the consistent satisfaction of our guests on every trip.

Our destinations include most of Western Europe, primarily Southern France, Northern Italy and Northern Spain. We run high-quality bicycle tours following the great bike races in Europe, partnered with Kuota carbon-fiber bicycles of Milan. Our non-biking trips focus on food and wine from specific regions such as Tuscany and Piedmont and feature guest-chefs and local cooks intimately preparing delicacies for our groups alone. Our hiking trips run throughout the Alps and Dolomites along classic routes, and our discovery trips open up new destinations to curious active professionals.

Our research comes from Gabriel Del Rossi’s 15 years of extensive adventure guide experience in the active travel field. Although he is our Director of Development, he is also our lead guide, and trip designer living in the French Alps. He is an accomplished cyclist, skier, a certified bicycle mechanic from the United Bicycle Institute, food and wine aficionado in addition to his numerous degrees in Literature, Culture, Film, and Outdoor Education. He has built countless friendships with people from around the world for more than a decade (in four different languages) sharing authentic moments together. It is from Gabe’s studies and connections that Pomegranate Journeys’ authentic travel experience comes to life.

Our North-American team is an strong mix of athletic ability, business savvy and creative force. They are experts in the field of mixed martial arts, instructors in fitness and self-defense, sons of Greek and Italian immigrants, avid cyclists, and lovers of music, food and wine. Our team is committed to an owner-operated, guide focused, small operation dedicated to quality and value.

We have decades of travel experience and we are well versed both as travelers and as tour leaders. Most of our guide team are European nationals proud to share their country’s culture and heritage with our guests. Pomegranate Journeys’ guides are also part owners of the company. We do not employ part-time college students but Adventure Travel Professionals, who pride themselves on delivering every departure with the expertise required for a successful experience.

Our guides and staff are there from the first phone call or email, answering any questions. Yet they are also present during your tour as trip leaders, and they will follow up on your travels at the completion of your journey. The enjoyment and safety of our guests are our first priorities, and we believe this not only comes from people with knowledge in the field, but from people with a strong sense of customer satisfaction.

Pomegranate is committed to sustainable travel and zero-impact business practices. We don’t just say this as a marketing initiative – we mean it – and we live it. We don’t just measure our environmental impact in the field but also when we are in the office. Pomegranate uses the Zerofootprint calculator to define our impact and then sets those funds into The Pomegranate Fund to invest in local sustainability projects right in the places we travel. We also promote ‘Leave-no-Trace’ principles when we bike and hike, use recyclable water bottles, and are actively searching out opportunities to reduce our carbon-footprint. It is our belief that the countryside should remain untouched for the next travelers whether they travel with Pomegranate or another outfitter, always maintaining the same level of “wow.”

The Pomegranate Fund is structured to be as efficient as possible, as transparent as possible and as flexible as possible. We sincerely want to go beyond ‘carbon-neutral’ and be a positive force in the quest for a better future.

For example, if we travel through Tuscany and determine our impact on the local community, measured in dollars and cents, to be $100, the Pomegranate Fund would have $100 added to the fund to be allocated for a project in Tuscany that will benefit the local community and offset, in our minds, our impact. This project might be an environmental initiative such as alternative power, a local education project, or perhaps a recycling project. On a bi-annual basis, we will share with you details of our environmental initiatives and encourage feedback and suggestions from the global community.

Pomegranate Journeys was created by professional guides who have a passion for travel. We hope that you’ll share your passion with us on your next adventure overseas. Through the ATTA, we look to make connections with other travel professionals and travel agents as well as share ideas and bottles of wine. We look forward to connecting with you. Drop us a line.

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