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Peru Andean Archaeoastronomy Expedition

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Tucano Reps. Peru, Top Travel Designer and Tour Operator has signed an agreement with Amaru Wayra a Cultural Society, with the objective to open a new view to the world of the Andean and Amerindian Cultural Wisdom, through the recovery of identity, based on the dignity and independence of all human societies.

They are a multidisciplinary team of renowned researchers among them are Fernando Cabieses, Erick Santiago Antunez de Mayolo, and William Burns. The Directors of the Association is formed by the astronomer Eng. º Pedro Martinez and architect Carlos Milla, who is also an Archaeo-Astronomer and serious author of groundbreaking research and recognized for their scientific hypotheses absolutely unprecedented, including real analysis of the exact solution of the Quadrature of the Circle who was managed by the Andean culture for five thousand years, as well of the exact value of “PI”.

Carlos’ work is register in the U.S. Library of Congress, and among other highlights are his discoveries of the old stellar intersolsticial archaeometrical system.

Among other members of the Society are:

– Roman Vizcarra, an agronomist and a native guide of Cusco. He is very active promoting the Andean culture on a grassroots level—“The idea is to inspire others and have cultural centers emerge like wildfire, and in doing so to encourage a resurgence of the practice of local belief systems by the Quechua people.”

– Marggie Castellano, a computer programmer and a Film/TV Producer with emphasis on educational/scientific content. Her area of expertise is operating in unconventional environments from tropical rain-forests and deserts to Volcanoes, and on-board diverse platforms including ships, aircraft and NOAA vessels.

Amaru Wayra, a Society committed to the future of Peru has joined efforts with Tucano Reps, whom share common values, to develop and distribute our “Amerindian Expedition Tours.”exclusively with Tucano Reps. Peru , lead by Veronica Napuri , a dynamic and entrepreneur lady , with more than 10 years of experience innovating and developing new visions that Peru can offer to the world.

Tucano Reps. Peru reputation and experience has allowed us to extend a wide range of products implementing this year a new concept of travel forming alliances with the most prestigious organisations and scientiphic groups in Peru to organise special groups searching to explore new remarkable knowledge and life changing experiences.

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