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Pangeans Safari

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Pangeans Safari is an Ethiopian-based tour operation run by Liza Andreou and Christos Michailidis. Pangeans Safari presently has guided over land safari tours, for the adventurers or those seeking history and culture, of one of the worlds oldest civilizations Ethiopia and wonderful Djibouti. We cater to groups of no more than 12 travel bugs with all inclusive tour packages and English/Greek speaking guides.

Ethiopia’s sovereign history has left its very diverse and fertile lands filled with historical and cultural treasures, ranging from the ancient tombs, and obelisks of Axum to 17th-century castles, to fascinating animistic cultures of the southern peoples.

Dijibouti, despite being one of Africa’s smallest countries, offers an outer-world experience with its lunar like landscapes, and vast red dessert sands that are truly moving, along with French-influenced cuisine and pale sandy beaches Dijibouti is a travelers delight.

As a tour operator, East Africa is has given me an opportunity to witness social and environmental changes, some positive and some negative.

Pangeans Safari is willing to work with/cooperate with organizations who promote conservation of indigenous cultures and the preservation of wildlife and the environment in Ethiopia.

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