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One Hundred and Sixty Women Prepare to Climb in Jackson Hole, WY to Fight Human Trafficking

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WyomingGraphicOne hundred and sixty women are preparing to climb in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this August to raise awareness and funding to fight global human trafficking and oppression of women and children. The group is participating in Operation Mobilization’s Freedom Challenge Wyoming 2016.

Freedom Climb was conceived and launched by the late San Diego resident Cathey Anderson. What started as a grand idea has now become a global movement called the Freedom Challenge, with climbs and physical challenges all over the world. “Trafficking is a worldwide epidemic,” said Cathey. “Freedom Climb attacks the problem at the source – in countries where women and children are most vulnerable.”

In just four years, The Freedom Climb expanded to the Freedom Challenge and has raised nearly $4 million for programs working to end the oppression of women and children in slavery globally.  The movement has attracted hundreds of women across the US as well as from other countries. The money raised to date represents the opportunity for over 50,000 women and children living under oppressive conditions in countries such as India, Moldova, Ghana and France who have already been impacted and put on the path to freedom.

wyoming picThe Freedom Challenge is a unique cause-driven organization. Through mid- and large-scale community events, women gather to participate in physical challenge events together such as scaling the world’s largest mountains, running 5k and 10k courses together, daily fitness tracking campaigns and more. The women who sign-up to participate then petition their community, family and friends to sponsor them financially.

Funds raised support programs and activities facilitated by Operation Mobilization (OM), the founding organization of The Freedom Challenge and an international missions organization working in over 118 countries worldwide.  OM’s four-part strategy to impact modern day slavery includes: Prevention, Development, Rescue, and Restoration activities which have proven successful in several target regions. In some countries, self-help group models are being employed where successful graduation of programs spawn new self-replicating groups reaching more and more women in the area over time.

wyoming pic 2“When we get our community involved, we are raising awareness about this issue,” said Tina Yeager, US Director of The Freedom Challenge. “When women announce they are going to climb a mountain and donate all funds raised to free a woman from modern day slavery, it’s exciting. Her friends and family join together to support her efforts. We’ve seen how they all become inspired.”

New supporters can join the movement and support the team as they continue to raise funds and awareness for the challenge.


MAIL DONATIONS TO: Operation Mobilization, P.O. Box 444 Tyrone, GA 30290-0444.  Please make checks payable to “Operation Mobilization USA” and include the note “WY Challenge” in the memo field on the check.

The challenge does not have to stop there. Freedom Challenge community groups called Freedom Circles will be launching nationally this summer in 2016. Groups of 12 women will raise funds, awareness, and volunteers to combat modern-day slavery and oppression both locally and internationally all year long.

If you are interested in joining or starting a Freedom Circle, please email The Freedom Challenge at [email protected].

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  1. Bravo Ladies! I support you and will do my little part to raise awareness and funds. Strength in numbers to raise up women all around the world. We should shed light on issues that truly matter and both awareness and change need to take place now!

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