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Offer Your Trip on Adventure.Travel: The Name Says it All

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As a member-based organization, the Adventure Travel Trade Association’s number one priority is our members. And, because our tour operator and travel advisors’ priority is to get travelers booked on their next adventure, the ATTA offers as a tool to help members offer their trips to a consumer audience, collect traveler reviews and share travel content and news. The site is also used among the travel trade to help buyers identify suppliers based on destinations and activities offered, as well as by media seeking new story ideas.

“I appreciate how ATTA offers access to tour operators and destination specialists whom I can trust to provide exceptional service and expertise, all in one simple site:”
— Dianne Goode, ALTOUR, USA

Visitors to come from the ATTA’s two other major web properties, and, as well as Google searches in the United States, France and Germany. Social networks (especially Facebook) and a variety of media and brand partners also contribute to monthly visits to the site. The site ranks well for searches of the phrase “adventure travel,” displaying on top of the first page of organic results in many countries in North America and Europe. offers tour operator and accommodation members the opportunity to create a company listing describing the destinations and activities they offer. In order to promote tour operator brands through even more online channels, ATTA has partnered with TourRadar, whose website receives more than 50,000 unique visits per month.

At no additional cost to ATTA tour operator members, these features are available thanks to the ATTA/TourRadar partnership:

Additional distribution opportunities are available for members seeking exposure on

Not only do tour operator and accommodation members have the opportunity to have their content published on, so do ATTA travel advisors and destination members. Travel advisors are listed on the site to help describe the destinations and activities they specialize in for travelers seeking consultation when booking an adventure tour. Interested travelers reach out to travel advisors via an email inquiry/lead system.

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ATTA members also have the opportunity to showcase a destination or activity by submitting a compelling article. These pieces may highlight a destination or a favorite adventure, and many will even end up featured on the site’s home page. “Showcase Destination” content highlights a specific country, state/province or region and the adventure opportunities available there, while “Showcase Adventures” are written like how-to articles focused on a particular type of activity (mountaineering, skydiving, horsepacking, geocaching, etc.). High quality content on the site drives visitation and educates a growing consumer base for adventure travel worldwide.

“It was great to be able to find so many adventure options in one easily accessible place. Your site allowed us to search for – and find – a great trip to Australia. It also gave us some great ideas for future adventures to work on next!”
— Laryssa Yuel, Traveler from Bermuda

If you are an ATTA member and would like to find out more information on how to take advantage of this opportunity to grow your consumer and media exposure, gain direct leads and foster business-to-business relationships, feel free to contact the ATTA’s Member Advocates who can assist you in getting your content uploaded.

Rebeca Yanez, Latin America

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