Off-Season Travel to Beat Europe's Summer Crowds

3 May 2023

Holiday-makers are avoiding the Europe and UK summer crunch this year, opting for Spring and Fall trips to enjoy the beauty of the seasons, the crowd-less vistas and the fair prices.

It’s not yet June and summer travel horror stories are already emerging. Entire European towns are being sold out, flight prices are sky-rocketing, and some hotels are restricting bookings to two-nights or more.

These are some of the reasons why off the beaten path Spring and Fall walking and cycling trips in places less discovered and more laid back, like the United Kingdom’s Cotswolds and Wales are getting traveler attention now.

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The Cotswolds is quintessential English countryside, teaming with charming villages, rolling green hills and escarpments that characterize the region. And while it feels remote, it takes less than two hours by train to get to this region from London. Walking along ancient garden paths through bucolic landscapes, to villages lined with honey-coloured stone walls have the power to transport visitors to another time and place. In the spring the region is bursting with wildflowers. In the fall the landscape gives way to warm yellows, reds and browns. There are many options for visitors to experience this place, including multi-day walking tours and multi-town cycling trips.

Distinct and dramatic Wales is located in southwest Great Britain, and known for its rugged coast, natural drama and Welsh culture, language and people. In Wales, hiking and walking trails are everywhere, from riverside footpaths and coastal walks along the Irish sea to the Offa’s Dyke National Trail along the English-Welsh border. Traveling by foot in this part of the world allows travelers to observe and embrace up-close the rolling hills, majestic castles, country churches, Iron Age hillforts, spilling over with pretty villages and cozy pubs. As Wales has increased in popularity over recent years, Spring and Fall travel is ideal here when you are more likely to run into a Welsh walker than one from your part of the world.

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