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Odysseia-IN Ltd, the First Travelife Certified Tour Operator in Bulgaria

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P1180618During the opening of the 6th Green Days 2015 ” Odysseia–In Ltd. Travel” received a deserved recognition for its commitment to sustainable tourism and responsibility in Bulgaria. Founded in the early 1990’s, the company’s answer to over 100 criteria and ISOs, related to the quality of the services and the measurement of the social and ecological footprint of its activities within the CSR certification of the European Commission TravelLife ( under the management of ABTTA), but has a crucial contribution for at least a few important moments in the modern history of the Bulgarian tourism:


  • Positioning of destination Bulgaria on the map of the adventure and rural tourism;
  • Creation of specialized tourist products and itineraries, with no-analog in Bulgaria;
  • Approving and validating the profession “Mountain leader”;
  • Development of new destinations within the Bulgarian market;
  • Creating and the marketing of the network of guest – houses (in cooperation with BAAT);
  • Engaging in the protection of the cultural and natural heritage and the living traditions by participating in protests, initiating and supporting of civil initiatives and projects (Samokov nunnery, Seslav monastery “St. Nicholas”, the first forestation campaigns in Pirin and Vitosha, “3 euro campaign for the Bulgarian nature”, campaigns in favor of the coalition “FortheNature”, salvation of the nest of the Golden Eagle…) and open – door civil discussions as for example the “Forum Mountains”
  • Setting up a new form of festivals and exhibitions with an interactive character – “Challenge days”, “Green days” – in cooperation with BAAT, and “Bike and Run for Chepun” – a large – scale competition for mountain bikes and runners, with a cause

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