Oceanwide Expeditions Launches New Series of How-to Videos

15 September 2020

Oceanwide’s new video series, The Expedition Guide, addresses some of the most essential topics of polar expedition travel, instructing both first-time and returning passengers on how to get the most out of their Arctic or Antarctic voyage.

Covered in these brief but informative videos are such topics as how to pack for a polar voyage, how to properly put on snowshoes, and how to maximize camera equipment for the best possible photos of polar terrain and wildlife.

All videos are led by veteran guides from a background of fields: Some are scientists, some are trained in specialized activities like polar diving or mountaineering, but all have extensive experience in polar expedition cruising.

Also, each video links to expansive articles at the OEX website that go into even further detail about their particular polar topic. This will ensure that not only polar newcomers are benefited but seasoned travelers as well.

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