Nguruman Camping Safaris

5 January 2011

Nguruman Camping Safaris is a tour operating company that specializes in camping safaris around Kenya. We are looking to network and team up with organizations/ tour operators/ travel agents from around the world with whom we can partner with and sell camping safari holidays to Kenya together. We have been in operation since 1999 and offer a variety of exciting camping safari itineraries that will meet if not surpass your requirements. We are a team of dynamic and experienced individuals who have the skill and technical know how of running camping safari programs in Africa. The general acquisition of market experience over the years has enabled Nguruman Camping Safaris to establish itself as a leading camping safari specialist in Kenya.

We run exciting and adventure filled camping itineraries to all corners of Kenya. Apart from these safari programs, that can be found on the itineraries page of our website, we can also prepare tailor made safaris for you. We have all the necessary equipment and facilities to make camping safaris to Kenya comfortable, enjoyable and memorable. Our hospitality and flexibility to suite our clients tastes and preferences, makes one appreciate that we are not just another tour operator. We conduct our safaris on an informal basis, ruling out the “school field trip” atmosphere often experienced by holiday makers. During all our safari programs, we ensure that our clients get to experience the true taste of safaris in the African wilderness. By specializing in Camping Safaris only, we provide you with services comprising of:

EFFICIENCY – from the moment that you approach us with your query, right until the time that clients board their respective flights back home.

AUTHENTICITY – all our safaris have a unique touch of originality. Be it a wildlife safari, in the Mara, where we spot animal with Maasai trackers or tackling the rugged terrain of Turkana, our services are bound to be beyond client expectations.

QUALITY – we believe in providing our services at competitive prices without compromising on quality. From the camping equipment provided right down to the food carried for the safari, we ensure that it is all of the highest caliber.

Our safaris are based on mobile camps set up during safaris, giving clients the opportunity to experience setting up campsites in Africa’s wilderness. At night, sitting by a fire and hearing the African night in tranquility, you appreciate the finer things that Africa has to offer. Being sheltered by a tent makes one wonder what went through the minds of the first discoverers when they first set foot in Africa. Our trackers pick out all the wild animals during game drives, resulting in successful animal counts. We provide the services of cooks at camp, 3 meals a day without compromising on quality and abundance of food. Meal times are flexible, decided by the tour party. This gives you that extra minute to spend with Lions during morning game drives, rather than making a bee line for camp with the fear that the kitchen will close.

We use open sided overland trucks with forward facing seats. There are various advantages of going on a safari in a 4WD overland truck, first and foremost is the view one has of the wilderness from within the vehicle – a panoramic view. Being higher, it gives you an opportunity to view more game beyond the bushes that line the roadside. For smaller groups, we use 4WD Land Cruisers that pull along trailers. All the equipment is carried in the trailer, which is dislodged upon arrival at the campsite. Come and experience Africa the way you want to, and not by a set rule that states what time you have to have meals by, when the kitchen closes and when the lights go out. During our normal lives, we are always given deadlines and time frames to work in; it is not something you want to do while on holiday!

We are also service providers for film production. We can source camera gear and equipment for you in Kenya along with crew. Our vehicles and equipment have been used for various international productions shot in Kenya. With this sort of experience in hand, we are best placed to handle ground work for photographic safaris. Members of our organization are also accomplished wildlife photographers and film makers, ready to give you free advice during the safari, if required. The expertise of our animal trackers and our experience on animal behavior, Nguruman Camping Safaris guarantees clients to experience up close and revealing encounters with the magnificent wildlife of Kenya. Be it photographing wildlife or landscapes, we have an eye for it.

We do conduct walking safaris around Kenya as well. Our popular destinations are Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha and the Maasai Mara. Our clients are accompanied by Maasai guides on the plains of the Mara. During the walk, one has the opportunity to see a diverse variety of wildlife, from a safe distance, while on foot. More so, you are also taught about the Maasai way of life and how they use various trees and shrubs in their every day life. It is astonishing to learn how this tribe, in this modern age, is still embracing cultural practices and being one with nature. Walking through the rugged terrain of the Hell’s Gate National Park is a breath taking experience as we navigate our clients through ancient rock faces that nests Vultures right down to the Ol Njowa canyon.

We conduct expeditions up Mount Kenya, Africa’s second highest mountain. As a safety measure, all our guides are well trained in first aid in order to be able to handle any unfortunate and unforeseen situations. Our mountaineering staff are very well versed with Mount Kenya, and they have a thorough knowledge of the mountain’s Flora and Fauna. Kenya is also home to various other smaller mountains, and we do conduct climbs to these mountains too.

Our safaris can be packaged for family trips, corporate trips or even various individuals signing in to for a group. Age is not a factor when it comes to enjoying nature, so long as you are young at heart, have a passion for the out doors, Africa’s wilderness awaits you! Make your client base feel and smell all that the exotic wilderness in Kenya has to offer in a way that other operators simply cannot provide. Let us sell camping safaris to Kenya together, and form a long term business relationship, of mutual benefit.