New York Times Reports National Geographic Adventure Magazine Folds

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According to The New York Times’ December 3, 2009, story:

“National Geographic will cease printing National Geographic Adventure, its outdoor magazine, the company said Thursday afternoon. The title will continue online and in special “newsstand editions, books, e-magazines, mobile applications and a robust Web site,” the company said in a statement.” Access The New York Times article for the rest of the story.

Editor’s Note:

National Geographic Adventure magazine has been a long time supporter of the Adventure Travel Trade Association and our industry. It is with great sorrow that we see the print magazine National Geographic Adventure cease publication. Its founder and Editor-in-Chief John Rasmus, an ATTA Lifetime Achievement award recipient and good friend and advocate of the ATTA, deserves accolades for the tremendous gifts he’s given to our industry this past decade, and before that, his role in founding Outside Magazine. The ATTA will continue to monitor and report the next phase of this story and will seek to bring to ATN readers an inside look at the recent development and its potential impact on our industry.

6 Comments to New York Times Reports National Geographic Adventure Magazine Folds

  1. This is sad news indeed… we were just getting hyped about making it into the Nov 2009 issue, and have the issue proudly in our desks…

    Too bad we will only get to read things online now!


  2. Unfortunately, economics rule. A loss of 60% ad pages dictates a migration to the web. There is something to be said for glossy pages, but all is not lost!

  3. National Geographic Adventure folding – Maybe the travel magazine industry will finally learn that recycling and appeasing advertisers with the same “Best 100 trips” articles might not cut the mustard anymore. A few in-depth stories might better serve and captivate their readership and advertising audience


  4. Most unfortunate news. Adventure has been the go-to magazine for the industry and I know that many of our clients will be sad to see it go. It’s been my wife’s favorite escape at work for a long time. Best of luck to all the staff there and thanks for their great work over the years.

  5. We are mourning the passing of Adventure. Its ideals, passion and focus were of great value. We are glad to hear that online the spirit will continue and that Traveler will pick up part of where Adventure left off. But we will miss it regardless.

  6. It is an unprecedented time of upheaval in the media industry and Nat Geo Adventure is the latest victim. As a veteran journalist with a background in print for newspapers and magazines, it is both a scary and thrilling time to be part of the massive shift to digital publishing.

    That said, through my involvlement in ATTA, I have come to personally and professionally admire some of the top notch people who steered the publication, including Fran Farrell (former publisher of Nat Geo Adventure) as well as Bryan Kindade (Sales Guru) and John Rasmus (Editor Extraordinaire).

    The people are what made it such a pleasure to deal with Nat Geo Adventure! I wish them well in new pursuits and will continue to track the mag online.


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