New Survey Reveals 95% of UK Adventure Travellers Hope to Travel Abroad in 2021

3 August 2020

A new UK adventure travel market survey conducted by adventure travel company, Much Better Adventures, has found travel intentions are still very high after finding that 95% of people hoped to travel abroad next year.

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The survey sought to understand what the future holds for the UK adventure travel market by finding out how soon people will want to travel again and if their approach will have fundamentally changed. The results of interviews and a survey of 3,080 adventure travellers provided a surprisingly positive picture of where things could be heading.

Much Better Adventures also polled destinations that adventure travellers were most keen to travel to, with Italy topping the list. The top ten countries UK adventure travellers were considering in the next year or two were, in order of preference:

  1. Italy
  2. Norway
  3. France
  4. Spain
  5. Croatia
  6. Greece
  7. Canada
  8. Slovenia
  9. Sweden
  10. Iceland
This suggests that long-haul destinations have been pushed down travellers' bucket lists as they seek out countries perceived to be a safer proposition for the time being. Interviews conducted suggested that this shift is also attributable both to a temporary aversion to extended flight times and destinations where the healthcare infrastructure is less comprehensive.

The results also suggest that opinions on group travel have not fundamentally changed either, nor have the reasons for doing it with 80% of respondents saying that they were likely to book a group adventure holiday in the next 12 months.

Sam Bruce, co-founder of Much Better Adventures, said, “It is incredibly heartening to see the sentiment coming out of this survey. It reflects the uptick in booking activity we’re seeing on our platform at the moment and hopefully this gives our friends in the industry some much needed optimism. It’s vitally important that we get our industry back to supporting the many local communities around the world who so heavily rely on adventure tourism.”

Download the full UK Adventure Travel Market Survey results

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Note: Results and analysis taken from 14 remote interviews plus a survey of 3080 people, as of 15th of July. 62.1% of respondents had never booked a trip with Much Better Adventures.

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