New research confirms Mexico’s tourism will remain strong over long term

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(August 10, 2009) — WTTC expects Mexico’s Travel & Tourism Economy GDP growth to average around 5% per annum over the next decade (2009-19), generating some 2 million direct industry jobs by the end of the period.

As the first country in the world to experience an outbreak of the now widespread A (H1N1) influenza virus, Mexico has been really hard hit in terms of tourism demand over the past three months. Preliminary estimates from the Mexican Government put the impact so far at around US$200-$300 million, but the final toll could well be much greater. More than 2,000 inbound flights were cancelled during the early stages of the crisis.

“Mexico should be applauded for the way it handled the swine flu crisis,” said Ufi Ibrahim, Chief Operations Officer of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), speaking at a recent media breakfast organised by the Mexico Tourism Board. “The Mexican Government and other stakeholders in the local Travel & Tourism industry have taught us all a lot because they have shown great leadership during their period of crisis, not to mention responsibility, timeliness and effectiveness.

“This was one of the clear messages that came out of our 9th Global Travel & Tourism Summit, held in FlorianĂłpolis, Brazil, in May 2009,” Ms Ibrahim added. “The virus and the need for the global Travel & Tourism industry to prepare for a pandemic were top of the agenda at the Summit, and Mexico’s responsible approach to reporting the outbreak and its impact impressed delegates from around the world.”

In 2008, international tourist arrivals in Mexico grew by 5.9% to 22.6 million while US dollar travel spending by all visitors rose 3.4% to US$13.3 billion. More significantly, WTTC’s research shows that the country’s Travel & Tourism Economy increased its contribution to 13.2% of Mexico’s GDP, growing by 3.8% – as against stagnation in Travel & Tourism Economy GDP posted by the Americas as a whole.

In addition and, even more importantly, given the global economic situation and rising unemployment around the world, an estimated 40,000 additional jobs were created directly last year by Mexico’s Travel & Tourism Industry, raising the total number of people directly employed in the sector to 1.7 million.

Mexico’s Travel & Tourism started 2009 on a positive note …

Despite the intensification of the global recession and continued drug-related violence in Mexico, international tourist arrivals continued to expand (+5.9%) in the first four months of 2009. However, the gains were concentrated in January and February, while April saw just a 0.2% year-on-year rise and the growth is estimated to have come mainly from lower-spending visitors staying near the US border.

For more on this story, visit WTTC’s Tourism News.

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  1. Hi…great article! Very positive outlook for the travel industry on mexico. We could use alot more media like this to get business and the enconomy moving again not only for mexico….but the US, CANada, EU…world wide! Mexico is a rich country..ecologically, envioromentally and economically…Just too bad their Gov.t is corrupt. But its this kind of news we need to promote to the world (especially after this wide spread epidemic that im sure we can all agree has impacted the World Economic Crisis even harder making things worse) To get the economic circulation back in motion!
    Ive been working on my online travel agency now for the past few months providing vacation retreats and accomodations and evrything between for Mexico’s Caribbean COast…the “Riviera Maya” ! and i can tell you exactly how bad Mexico has been hit. And its all been because of in-accurate or even False information spread world wide.
    How can I help..or how can we together to help revive the Reputation of Mexico? we need to let the world know again…..
    thats its safe to Travel to Mexico,
    thats the Narcotic Wars going on are not as dramatic as the media has been stating…also that this is very old news and thats this “Narco War” has always been going on!…thats its the very same thing happing in the states and Canada and EU and africa…etc.etc.
    that the swine flu was overly dramatized and exagerated
    that now is a time to take advantage of mexico…in a recreational way
    that there is so much to see and enjoy and learn from this beautiful land..!
    please let me know if you would like any other kind of information or pictures or anything else that could possibly contribute to the re-establishment of Mexico’s tourism industry..and their economy…and ultimately the re-establishment of econonmy and society in general for the rest of the world!
    I mean really…How can the world go out of order when we know We control it?
    we have the power to put circulation back in flow…
    Polotics and stock numbers and every other bureaucratic bullshit we learned from our supposed “civilized Governments” that run the world….is incorrect.
    We have unlearn this system and relearn one that is truely Civilized for not only humanity but everything else we live with on this world…our fellow animals, our environment, our Earth..and beyond……..we’re all connected.

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