New for 2012: Absolute Wellness Journeys

23 February 2012

We invite you to melt off the icicles and warm your spirit with the transformative power of Absolute Travel's Wellness Journeys. New for 2012, they were designed to balance your body, quiet your mind, and simply welcome the power of presence in some of the world's most sacred destinations. As a wellness traveler you will polish your Sun Salutation with views of India's Taj Mahal; be humbled by Mother Nature at the Makgadikgadi Salt Pans, one of the rare places where the curve of the earth can be seen; and rebalance both body and soul with nourishing Ayurvedic spa treatments, all while enjoying the more traditional destination highlights. So whether you're curious to learn more about wellness or would like to dig deeper into your practice, our Wellness Journeys are trips of a lifetime that offer the renewal we are all seeking in 2012.

Contact Absolute Travel's in-house wellness expert, Jessica Rizzolo, to learn more.