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New Documentary Series "Mato Grosso do Sul: A Leading Advocate for Ecotourism Worldwide"

12 September 2023

The LPM platform, in partnership with the Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation, has released the first episode of the documentary series "Mato Grosso do Sul: A Leading Advocate for Ecotourism Worldwide." The documentary features award-winning professionals in the audiovisual field: directed and filmed by Maxwell Polimanti, directed and written by Adriana Farias, and executive produced by Gisele Abrahão, a renowned figure in the tourism industry. The series showcases the natural and cultural richness of this unique region and celebrates its commitment to sustainability and environmental preservation. The initial episode, "The Value of Preservation," is now available for free on the LPM platform's YouTube channel. 

This four-episode documentary series offers an insightful look into the richness and diversity of  ecotourism in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, demonstrating how this region has become a global example. It particularly emphasizes local appreciation, environmental awareness, and preservation. The episodes take viewers on a journey through the crystal-clear rivers and ancient caves of Bonito, the scenic waterfalls of Serra da Bodoquena, the traditions of the Pantanal inhabitants and their "viola de cocho" music, and the biodiversity sanctuary of Pantanal and Serra do Amolar, with the involvement of local riverside women. The episodes provide a true exploration of the natural and cultural treasures that captivate visitors. 

"Mato Grosso do Sul is undoubtedly one of the country's top ecotourism destinations. It's a reference in responsible management aimed at conserving its key natural and cultural assets," highlights Bruno Wendling, CEO of the Mato Grosso do Sul Tourism Foundation. "Both Bonito and the Pantanal have been doing wonderful work for decades, not only preserving their natural attractions but also safeguarding their history and the Pantanal people who are part of this heritage. We want to tell amazing stories through individuals who are doing fantastic work and are responsible for shaping a destination that positions itself increasingly as one of the most responsible and offering unique experiences in the country," he adds. 

Reflecting on the documentary-making experience, Adriana Farias comments: "I'm passionate about discovering and telling authentic stories that reveal the connection between people and the environment. So, alongside Maxwell Polimanti, I embarked on an exciting journey to create an inspiring documentary about Mato Grosso do Sul. With the goal of capturing the essence of the region as a global ecotourism reference, I embraced the challenge of exploring the natural and cultural treasures, sustainability, and preservation that make this region so exceptional. It was a transformative experience for me, and I believe it will also impact the audience, promoting reflection to cherish and protect this heritage for future generations." 

The upcoming episodes will bring new experiences and insights about the destination, with bi weekly releases throughout August and September. "Each encounter and scene captured added layers to the narrative, revealing a vibrant Mato Grosso do Sul full of natural resources and people committed to nature. I believe the best phrase that defines this documentary is 'I  discovered that traveling is also a way of caring,' spoken by one of our interviewees in Serra do  Amolar, which will be the 4th and final episode of the series," says Maxwell Polimanti. 

The documentary marks a new phase for LPM, a content platform that seeks to inspire and inform its audience about the world's treasures, from its breathtaking landscapes to its diverse  cultures, individuals, and organizations contributing to a unified and interconnected whole. This new phase underscores the platform's commitment to promoting values and positive impacts through the dissemination of knowledge and experiences, encouraging reflection on societies' fundamental role in regenerating the planet and highlighting inspiring initiatives, sustainable projects, and collective efforts to ensure a promising future. 

Watch the first episode now! 

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