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New 2009 Calendar Released of Extraordinary Adventures Exclusively for Top Entrepreneurs

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POTOMAC, MD, Jan. 16 — Maverick Business Adventures® (MBA) is taking time-stressed entrepreneurs and CEO’s into account in 2009 by restructuring its ground-breaking membership programs combining adrenaline-high adventure with business building, networking and giving back.Three two-day “Breakaways” are now on the calendar along with three “Maverick Epic Experiences” of four to six days duration. Members pay annual dues which allow them entry in the programs. Typical program rates range from $10,000+ for Epic Experiences to under $5,000 for Breakaways. The per person trip fee includes all accommodations, meals and expenses related to meeting and sporting activities.

MBA is the first and thus far the only membership to gather successful, like-minded entrepreneurs and top achievers for adrenalin highs and case study networking. Part of the MBA mission is to also give back and help empower future entrepreneurs. MBA gives money to and provides live and virtual educational products and programs for aspiring entrepreneurs sourced in communities where adventure trips are held. Five percent of gross revenues go to self-sustaining charities selected by the members.

Maverick Epic Experiences combine once-in-a-lifetime adventures with in-depth business building sessions, high-level connections (including one or more business and celebrity icons), networking and giving back. On the 2009 calendar are;

-Ultimate Maverick Baja Experience – Jan. 28-Feb. 2 (Baja 1000 racing with pop icon Jesse James and VIP Super Bowl Party with NFL great Desmond Howard) out of Ensenada, Mexico.

-Ultimate Maverick Viking Expedition – July 29-Aug. 2 (ice climbing, snowmobiling and Center of the Earth scuba dive), based from Reykjavik, Iceland.

-Ultimate Maverick Road Rally – Oct. 1-4 (drive from Los Angeles to Napa solving clues along the way followed by a private vineyard tour and exclusive ride on the largest airship in the world).

MBA Breakaways condense the best of all Maverick elements into a long, active weekend:

-Extreme Driving – Apr. 3-5 (pushing a fleet of five exotic super cars over the 200 mph barrier) in Miami, FL.

-Wind and WOW – June 5-7 (instructional kite boarding plus a buried treasure hunt) based from Cape Hatteras, NC.

-The Sky’s the Limit – Nov. 6-8 (aerial dog fighting in an aerobatic, Italian-built fighter followed by a 5-star in-air meal suspended over the Vegas strip). Business icon Tony Hsieh, CEO of joins the program to share how he built from zero in sales in 1999 to over $1B in 2008. This program is based in Las Vegas, NV.

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MBA founder Yanik Silver believes that getting outside the office and tackling new challenges provides the right fuel for innovative, breakthrough thinking. A self-described “adventure junkie,” maverick internet entrepreneur and self-made millionaire, Silver has found that his own life-changing experiences such as running with the bulls, bungee jumping and high altitude sky diving have brought a profound sense of accomplishment and led to clarity in ideas and focus. This inspired him to create Maverick Business Adventures® for like-minded entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners.

MBA member and manufacturer Mike Lally of PCB Group says that these trips take “work hard / play hard” to a whole new level.

“What we found here is a group of like-minded individuals. We’re not all in the same business; we’re not doing the same things and that’s part of the beauty of it. But everybody is here to work hard and play hard, so you get a very intense group of guys. You don’t get to meet a guy like that in an evening or over a round of golf,” he says.

Maverick Business Adventures® is structured to be an exclusive group and membership is by-application-only, limited to forward thinking business men and women with proven abilities and success. Silver stresses that the focus is not on corporate team building or motivational development. Instead, members will be invited to join all-inclusive adventure outings that encourage the type of high-level networking and powerful connections that can only occur outside of normal business settings. For details on the group and how to apply for membership you can go online to or call 240.744.0165.

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