Neutral Together Program Extends Invitation to Individual Members

24 November 2020

The Adventure Travel Trade Association’s (ATTA) Neutral Together Carbon Emissions Bulk Purchase program in partnership with South Pole is now available to individual members of ATTA. Individual Business members such as media, influencers, travel advisors and ATTA’s new Professional Members may now include their emissions volume in the purchase. 

Individuals interested in this program may go to and register as an individual to calculate emissions. To add your individual emissions volume in with other ATTA members, complete the Neutral Together Participation Submission form here. If you prefer, it is also acceptable to use another carbon calculator of your choice and simply enter the emissions you wish to offset in the Submission Form. 

Michael Malara, of South Pole who helped design the program commented, “South Pole understands the challenges to travel businesses this year and continues to support the ATTA and its community. We look forward to offering a discounted price for participating companies this year, regardless of the total emissions volume the industry group is able to report in.”

We understand that many in our community are passionate about climate action and would like to participate in carbon offsetting, but that this year’s extreme realities make it impossible. This program will be available into the future, ready to support you when the time is right.

Businesses and individuals interested in becoming part of the program for this year have until December 31, 2020 to enter your emissions for 2019. 

ATTA members who are part of Neutral Together this year include Everest Pioneer Trek Nepal, Tour de Vines, No Roads Expeditions, Say Hueque, and Todos Santos Eco Adventures. Next year the ATTA will highlight the commitment of these businesses, as well as those that sign-up by the end of the year, in a feature in Adventure.Travel, ATTA’s consumer adventure travel platform.

If you have questions or would like to learn more about Neutral Together and ATTA’s climate initiatives, please get in touch with Christina Beckmann at [email protected]