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National Geographic Travel Recognizes Tropical Tree Climbing

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Climb Trees in Tropical Tree Climbing is ONE OF 7 OFFBEAT ADVENTURES AROUND THE WORLD in National Geographic Travel’s Beyond the Guidebook 

Credit: Leonide Principe / Amazon Stock Photography

Credit: Leonide Principe / Amazon Stock Photography

Tropical Tree Climbing (TTC) continues to surprise and cross more borders. This February, Avery Stonich from National Geographic Travel (Nat Geo), listed Tropical Tree Climbing as one of 7 offbeat adventures from around the world.

A trip to the Brazilian jungle to visit the facilities of TTC provides for a new and unique perspective of the beauty offered by the Amazon rain forest land. One can experience being immersed 60 meters high into the crown of the majestic and giant Amazonian trees to observe and feel the unique and diverse flora and fauna of the area. Part of the unique experience is the Italian-French photography expert Leonide Principe, offering trips tailored around wildlife photography.

Here we share part of the article published by National Geographic that can be found on their web site:

“To experience the Amazon rain forest from the ground is to scratch just the surface of its vast tangle of diversity. Most of the action takes place far overhead. Embrace your inner kid with Tropical Tree Climbing to get a bird’s-eye view, deep in the wilds of Amazonas, in northern Brazil.

After ascending on ropes up to 200 feet, settle into a canvas hammock for close encounters with monkeys, orchids, birds, butterflies, and other flora and fauna that thrive high in the forest canopy. Feeling especially bold? Opt to stay in the trees after dark to hear the night forest come alive as fireflies emit their magical intermittent glow.

Tip: Bring your camera, as the shots will be unforgettable from your perch among the leaves.”

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