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Moementum, Inc. Offers The Daring Way™ for Leaders, Teams, and Organizations

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“We are working to incorporate principles and practices of The Daring Way™ in all areas of our coaching, consulting and leadership development work. Dr. Brené Brown’s work and writing catalyzes what we have seen in our practice for decades,” says Moe Carrick, founder and principal of Moementum, Inc.

moe-nice-face1-copyBend, OR – “Never to let anyone see you sweat” has been the default attitude about business leadership, but researcher and author Dr. Brené Brown shows that appearing to be have it all together may not be as winning a strategy as we thought. Brown’s work, called The Daring Way™, is a training and certification program for helping professionals who want to facilitate her work on vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness. Moe Carrick, founder and principal of Moementum, Inc., is one of the first professionals certified as a Daring Way™ Facilitator.

Carrick states that Brown’s research is corroborated by studies that show authenticity and trustworthiness are at the top of the list qualities necessary in today’s business world, while traditional traits such as analysis, charisma and business acumen take a back seat. “Every leader experiences uncertainty and risk in their work. Learning to use emotions, fears, and failures as an asset for creating connection goes against the tide of traditional business culture, but is absolutely what customers, partners, and employees want and need,” says Carrick.

When used effectively, Carrick and her colleagues believe they can unleash greater employee engagement, creativity, innovation, adaptability, cultural health, accountability and customer focus. “By instilling vulnerability and courage at work, we can “re-humanize the workforce,” Carrick asserts. Ultimately, this helps companies make the impact they seek while also making a profit.

Moementum will be leading a webinar titled Leading Authentically: The Daring Way™ on November 19th at 9:00am PST. In addition, Moementum will host The Juggler’s Dilemma for Women, a Daring Way™ two-day workshop on November 22-23 at Five Pine Lodge in Sisters, Oregon. This two-day program is designed for women who are managing the multiple roles they hold at work, home, and in the community, and trying to bring courage and authenticity to “trying to do it all.”

Visit for additional information and program details.

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