Moementum, Award Winning Professional Services Firm, Adds Jim Morris as Principal

9 March 2011

Bend, OR – Moe Carrick, CEO and founder of Moementum, Inc., a business strategy and change consultancy, announced that acclaimed team-building expert, author and executive coach Jim Morris has joined Moementum as a Principal in the firm.

“I’m thrilled to have Jim bring his expertise, insight and experience to Moementum’s clients. Whether he’s coaching an executive, creating a sustainability policy or developing strategic plans, Jim has a unique ability to understand the client’s needs and deliver results. His skills complement and broaden our capacity to support our clients’ business,” said Carrick.

“Moe has a gift for developing effective relationships with executive teams to help them accelerate growth, build culture and brand, and bring out the very best in employees. I’m honored to join a group that brings such a high level of integrity, dedication and accomplishment to every client,” said Morris.

Previously, Morris was an executive in the public, private, and non-profit arenas and he taught leadership at Duke University. He also co-led three successful start-ups. Jim's consulting work has ranged from helping clients dive into the world of sustainability and social responsibility to helping leadership teams become effective and productive. As a result of his help, three of Morris’ clients have been acknowledged as among the “Best Places to Work” by several media outlets.

Morris is the author of The Five Insights of Enduring Leaders, a practical “how-to” book that teaches readers to develop their own leadership traits and to ultimately uncover and enhance them in others.