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Meet Rove – Adventure Travel’s Newest Startup

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Meet Rove@2xRove, a newcomer seeking to breathe a fresh lease of life into the adventure travel market, is set to launch in the fourth quarter of this year, delivering a unique range of adventure tours across Thailand, Indonesia, Laos and Cambodia. The initial lineup will include cycling, trekking, kayaking, paddle boarding and combination tours, alongside guaranteed departures throughout the year.

Rove is the product of years of experience gained by Co-Founders Holly Richter and Struan Robertson. Holly was previously responsible for developing the Asian adventure divisions at both Backroads and EXO Travel, and has been working in Asia since 2005. While Struan has had an equal influence in the market, building up cycling operator, SpiceRoads, over the last 13 years to be a serious global contender.

There is definitely a gap in the market for a more varied and inclusive adventure operator.” Holly states. “There are regions within our destinations that offer great cycling, other areas provide great trekking opportunities, others are more exciting to discover via a variety of water-based activities. Unlike specialising in a single sport, we are able to offer the best mode of travel specifically catered  to the environment in which it is taking place. This allows for a broader and more richly rewarding experience, as well as the uncovering of cultural encounters not accessible by other means.”

Inclusion and diversity has been at the heart of Rove’s development, and their small group tours are unique in the way they enable travellers to meet other likeminded spirits from around the world, as opposed to segregating groups based on language and nationality as is common with other operators. 

“Travellers these days are seeking a greater level of freedom, much like what was enjoyed in the golden years of backpacking, and are aspiring to explore and engage with the locals. The only difference being that nowadays, a bit more comfort is preferred. Combining these elements and delivering a truly multi-cultural adventure has been integral to our trip designs.

Rove are also offering private excursions and exclusive tailored tours, and are planning rapid expansion, with Mongolia, Myanmar and Sri-Lanka already on the calendar to join their launch destinations.

If you want to find out more about Rove, Holly will be attending the ATTA World Travel Summit in Alaska between the 19th and 21st of September and discussing this new venture with potential clients and partners. She can be reached via [email protected] and will be happy to arrange appointments. Alternatively, head on over to and sign up for further information throughout the launch.

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