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Meet Over 50 Travel Experts From Around The World at Mountain Travel Sobek’s 45th Anniversary Leader Summit!

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Join us this September for a meet and greet party at our 2014 Leader Summit! If you’re in the Bay Area and have an interest in adventure travel, this is your chance to get one-on-one time with some of our best travel experts from around the world.

Whether you’ve traveled with Mountain Travel Sobek’s before, or are just hearing about us, we invite you to come and meet our top-notch guides as they convene for this special travel event. With almost 50 different trip leaders attending from all different regions, you’ll be able to garner advice for your next trip, or just be inspired by some exciting travel tales!

Below is a list of our guides that are currently attending:

Stefan Lundgren • Sweden
Pete Long • United Kingdom
Myles Farnbank • United Kingdom
Ursula Kordis • Slovenia, Croatia
Alberto de Giuli • Dolomites (Italy)
Béatrice Mugnier • Mont Blanc, Chamonix (France)

Hatim Elnour Mohammed • Sudan
Perez Kamukuenjandje • Namibia
Elias Msema • Kilimanjaro (Tanzania)
Noel Mbawambo • Tanzania
Andy Segkwa • Botswana

Gabriel Mizrahi • North Korea
Pranoy Rai • Nepal
Binoy Rai • Nepal
Sanjeev Chhetri • Nepal
Matt Malcomson • Japan
Rapkat Abdul • China
Garab Dorji • Bhutan
Sarah Lawhorn • Mongolia
Namgay Dorji • Bhutan
Kana Hattori • Japan

Luis Die • Galápagos (Ecuador)
Irene Die • Galápagos (Ecuador)

Joe Bibym • Alaska
Sage McDermott • Idaho
Mike Speaks • Alaska
Kevin McDermott • Alaska
Colby Brokvist • Yosemite (California)
Ian • Yosemite (California)
Tim Dice • Arizona

Sergio Fitch Watkins • México
Rodrigo (Ro) Bahamondez • Chilean Patagonia
Sebastian Jurado • Ecuador
Ian Lewis • Peru
Mark Willuhum • Nicaragua, México
Manolo Lazo • Peru
Sergio Jauregui • México
Sergio TC Bahamondez • Chilean Patagonia
André Labarca • Chilean Patagonia
Jorge Calderon • Costa Rica
Verny Chavarria •

Adrian Fogg • New Zealand

Rob Smurr • Russia, Georgia Caucasus, Estonia, Finland
Brian Weirum • “Save the Tiger” (and many trips all over Asia!)
Joe Toback • Portugal, the Pacific, and Southeast Asia to name but a few!
John Yost • Sobek Co-Founder and international guide

WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 2014. 7pm – 10pm.
WHERE: Mountain Travel Sobek, 1266 66th Street, Suite 4, Emeryville, CA

RSVP with Alan Taylor at [email protected] or 1-800-282-8747 ext. 6023.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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