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First Upscale Travel and Style Magazine for MenSanta Fe, NM | September 15, 2006 – Mariah Media Inc., publisher of Outside magazine, today announced the launch of Outside’s GO, the first travel and style magazine aimed exclusively at active, affluent men. The quarterly publication will debut in March 2007.

Outside’s GO is the only resource for men who thrive on active, high-end travel and a commitment to personal style. Outside’s GO will both inspire a hunger for great travel experiences and provide the tools to make them a reality. In each issue, Outside’s GO will deliver exciting, substantive travel features set all over the world: from retracing Genghis Khan’s route by horseback from Mongolia to the Russian Steppes to a yacht tour of the best golf courses of the South Pacific islands. The new magazine is committed to providing extensive service in its features and departments so that its readers will say, “I want to do that!” and “Yeah, that’s how I can do it.” Outside’s GO will offer up a critical selection of equipment and personal accessories; from the hottest new touring motorcycles to the finest handcrafted luggage, from the best labels in casual wear to unsurpassed vintages in collectible wines. Outside’s GO will feature in-depth, thought-provoking profiles of successful men-individuals whose drive and passion have not only propelled them to the top of their professions but also compel them to get the most out of all aspects of their lives.

Lawrence J. Burke, chairman of Mariah Media and editor in chief of Outside, has teamed up with Donald Welsh, Outside’s first publisher, for the launch of Outside’s GO. Welsh was named the leading entrepreneur of the last 20 years by Media Industry Newsletter, having launched more than 25 magazines since 1977. Kent Black, editor of Outside’s GO, has been a writer and editor for magazines such as Outside, Rolling Stone, Details, Men’s Journal, and the New York Times Magazine. Jake Hill, publishing launch director of Outside’s GO, most recently served as the publisher of Spin and has more than 15 years experience in magazines.

“Thirty years ago, we recognized a developing trend and launched Outside, which defined the active lifestyle category,” said Burke. “Now, with Outside’s GO, we’ve identified an emerging trend among a select market segment, exemplified by the top end of Outside’s readership. These are men who are both professionally successful and passionate about their other pursuits. They are committed to a kind of adventurous and rarefied travel with the amenities and style to match.”

The ideal reader of Outside’s GO is sophisticated and has the means to experience travel on a level that few others can. “Our guy keeps himself fit, not only so he can be proficient in the activities he loves but for the level of good-natured competition he enjoys with friends both old and new,” said editor Kent Black. “These are guys who relish the adventures and good times they can have with their best pals, whether it’s fishing private water out of an exclusive lodge in Iceland, cycling from chateau to chateau in France’s Loire Valley, helicopter skiing virgin slopes in the Chilean Andes, or taking a bareboat charter out on the Great Barrier Reef for a week of sailing and diving. These are guys who know that true success in life is measured by the quality of one’s experiences.”

Outside’s GO projects a 90 percent male readership-a dramatic departure from most top travel publications, which have female readerships of 65 to 70 percent. Readers of Outside’s GO will have an average household income of more than $150,000 and a net worth of almost $1.5 million. The upscale travel magazine will satisfy a super-affluent audience aged 35-plus, which has the means, passion, and experience to pursue the elite world of adventurous, stylish travel.

“Mariah Media is uniquely positioned to publish Outside’s GO, the first major upscale active travel magazine for men,” said Don Welsh, publisher. “Having published Outside for nearly 30 years, Larry Burke and the Mariah team understand energetic, competitive, well-heeled guys and the unique blend of travel and lifestyle they want.”


Mariah Media, Inc., publisher of Outside, America’s leading active lifestyle magazine and one of the most successful single-title companies in the industry, has a monthly audience of over two million readers worldwide. Approaching its 30-year anniversary, Outside is the only magazine to receive three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence. MMI also publishes the Outside Buyers Guide, OutsideOnline, and owns Outside Television, Outside Radio, Outside Books, and Mariah Media Custom Publishing.

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