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Macedonia Experience

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Macedonia Experience is devoted to providing high-quality, personalized travel services, with attention to details. With everything arranged directly with us, we can provide you with travel services at very affordable prices.

We believe that the Macedonia’s cultural and natural heritage is one of our most precious resources and that the best way to sustain it is to share it, honor it and realize its value. Through responsible tourism, we can ensure that these treasures have a future for the generations to come.

Our clients play a crucial role in helping us to realize our vision. By travelling with Us,  we not only hope to nourish your soul, but to turn you into the engine that drives our dream of letting the world know about the beauties of Macedonia. You are our future ambassadors – the link between Macedonia and the rest of the world.

Since 2012 Macedonia Experience is an outstanding point of reference for Macedonian adventure and culture travel  enthusiasts: foodie/gourmets, travel agents, importers, cooking schools, tour operators, sommeliers, students, media people, writers, bloggers, editors, travel consultants.
We create opportunities for Macedonia to enrich ties of friendship with people from all around the world, through the promotion of cultural and educational exchanges by planning events and tours which enhance the familiarity between Macedonia and the world:

  • promote Macedonia’s outstanding potential for adventure travel by organizing different activities in different areas around the country
  • promote the healthy foods, delicious eating traditions and lifestyle of Macedonia by preserving the simplicity and authenticity of its gastronomy and customs in the world
  • plan culinary, wine, art and cultural immersions with the local experts promoting traditional food and wine customs, educational and culinary programs
  • disseminate up to date information and images worldwide to those who have a passion for Macedonia
  • promote, support and organize events and initiatives in Macedonia and abroad, with focus on the country’s natural and cultural heritage

We work closely with you to fulfill your needs and wishes when it comes to special interest tours (budget, group size, dates, itinerary). We specialize in customized Macedonia travel and events planning and offer unforgettable experiences for leisure, incentive and adventure travel, with programs where culture and the traditions of Macedonia can be truly experienced and enjoyed.

Range of services
We are experienced in planning of small and intimate groups as well as large ones. We also provide professional business services (private cars, translators, restaurant reservations, catering and more business services) for busy people who need assistance in the area.
We are locals, living and working in Macedonia, whose local knowledge and passion for all things in Macedonia is unsurpassed. Anyone thinking of heading to Macedonia can ask us to organize everything: the accommodation, the transportation, activities and so much more, we are here to help out.

Responsible travel
Macedonia Experience is an independent, Macedonia based tour operator. Our aim is to offer tailored, guided, small group culture and adventure tours for those who wish to discover Macedonia and the genuine Western Balkans. During our tours in the rural areas we mostly stay at small, family-run hotels and guesthouses, eat in local restaurants and use local public transport whenever applicable. In addition, all our guides and providers we cooperate are considered more as friends rather than ‘business partners’.

We also combine Macedonia with its neighboring countries, in order to underline things in common and unique features of each country visited. We consider this an important contribution to the travel experience in the Western Balkans and better understanding of the turbulent history of this part of the world.

Real encounters with nature, people, culture and cuisine in Macedonia and the Western Balkans.
Our extensive knowledge of Macedonia and its neighboring countries enables us to offer authentic itineraries, at the same time providing a balance between the countries´ well-known ‘must-sees’ and ‘off-the-beaten-track’ attractions. Macedonia Experience provides a real insight into the countries you are visiting – culture, history, landscapes and nature – and provides the opportunity for genuine interaction with the locals.

Respect for local people, their culture, traditions, religions and environment are essential to our philosophy, and we work hard to ensure that our guests have a positive impact on the places and people visited.

Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community:
Networking, establishing long-term partnerships with tour operators operating in Southeast Europe.

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