Lukasz Warzecha - LWimages Studio

31 March 2015

atta-meI’m a photographer and remote location cameraman shooting commercial and editorial assignments for the outdoor adventure industry. Over the past 5 years I have carved out a reputation as one of the top adventure photographers in the world. Living everyday life by my own words that 'This is the most exciting time to be a photographer ever'!

From documenting the efforts of worlds best athletes, shooting portraits of Reinhold Messner at the London's Royal Geographical Society or mountain biking in the Outer Hebrides (cover story of The Guardian Travel) to filming short feature films ('Sub-Zero' EpicTV video series feat. Will Gadd and Raphael Slawinski has reached over 2M views) my work spans across a whole spectrum of outdoor activities. Over the past couple of years I have photographed on 4 continents on assignments for National Geographic, Talisker Whisky, The North Face, WL GORE, Failte Ireland, MARMOT, Mountain Equipment, Petzl and Black Diamond (among others).

atta-me LWimages Studio's creative team consist of experienced photographers/cinematographers, creative directors and devoted assistants who work passionately on every project.

We believe in power of non-fiction visual story telling being an innovative, creative and fast growing photo/video production company.

We specialise in delivering top quality visual content for tourism boards, tour operators and travel agencies and other media outlets.