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Luci − Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg, Let the Journey Begin!

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Luci, the new magazine published by Luxembourg for Tourism invites readers on an imaginary journey through the Grand Duchy through stories of places, people and the emotions that connect them: it delivers an inexhaustible source of inspiration for ideas for outings and encounters, in anticipation of future trips. Luci can be read online and ordered free of charge at

In the new magazine for the destination Luxembourg, passionate writers and photographers share their stories of encounters with people and places, around the past, present and future of the Grand Duchy. For the moment, Luci invites everyone to nurture their travel dreams from home, and to build their “wish list” for when travel and outings are possible again.

What characterises Luxembourg? Why travel there? Is it for urban culture, for its open and cosmopolitan European capital? Is it for the impressive variety of natural landscapes and for its gastronomy? These are just a few reasons, but there are many more: a trip to Luxembourg is a unique blend of authentic impressions, which move people and touch their hearts.

In this first issue of Luci, readers discover among others: urban adventurers exploring the world heritage of Luxembourg City at a whole new pace; visionary winemakers who love their terroir and who treat it well; friends from all over the world on a breath-taking venture on the crests of the Eislek; or simple human beings who are moved by the symbolic significance of our photographic heritage.

If the title, Luci, evokes the founding name of Luxembourg, Lucilinburhuc, the magazine is like the country: open to the world, warm and diverse. It is aimed at travellers who are looking for experiences off the beaten track and interested in what a country and its people really are: their life, culture, local products, natural environment and traditions.

Luci – Inspiring Travel Stories from Luxembourg magazine (issue 1/2020, 116 pages) is published in German, English, French and Luxembourgish and can be ordered free of charge at or by sending an email to [email protected].

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  1. Thank you very much for sharing this exciting news! I look forward to connecting with ATTA members and share more stories about Luxembourg. See you soon on the Hub or on LinkedIn.

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