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Long-distance Travel Specialist Calls on Taking Fewer Flights

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Online travel platform Better Places Travel calls on travellers to take fewer flights for the sake of the environment. People who like to travel should take longer and fewer trips, and aim to have as much positive impact as possible at the destination itself.

Strange, but true: a travel organization that is calling on travellers to fly less often. And yet long-distance travel specialist Better Places Travel is doing just that. “Flying is bad for the environment,” acknowledges founder Saskia Griep. “That’s why it’s better to travel less often to faraway destinations.” When people do travel, Better Places Travel advises travellers to leave as much positive impact as possible during their trip. The travel organization provides helpful tips for this and has even designed several trips with maximum positive impact.

Travel with Positive Impact

With much of the media focusing on the negative consequences of flying, it’s easy to forget that travel also has many positive effects. Sakia Griep: “While we won’t stop with flying, we can make sure to become more aware about the way we fly, reduce our negative impact as much as possible, and ensure that everyone involved profits from travel.” That’s why Better Places Travel is introducing positive impact trips. “We want to create travel itineraries that contribute positively to local communities and the natural environment, and at the same time offer the best travel experience for the traveller. By working together with local initiatives like Resirest, Backstreet Academy and I Like Local we are able to increase our impact much more quickly and efficiently.”

Sustainable Development Goals

The impact trips created by Better Places Travel are all at least three weeks long and provide many opportunities for contact with locals during the trip. After all, the best memories are often made by meeting and interacting with the local people. Think about using local drivers and guides, choosing special excursions and staying in homestays or small-scale sustainable accommodations. You will not only see the highlights of a country, but also visit the more off-the-beaten-track places. With these trips, Better Places Travel helps contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals by, for example, creating work opportunities and stimulating economic growth.

Tips for #positivetravel

Better Places Travel shares some of their tips for making travel a positive experience:

  • Travel less often, less far and for longer periods at a time
  • Fly directly to the destination (no layover) with a modern airplane to reduce your CO2 emissions up to 50%
  • Interact often with the locals by, for example, taking a cooking course or sleeping in a homestay
  • Stay in small-scale family hotels that operate sustainably
  • Travel by train or bus instead of taking a domestic flight
  • Take a refillable water bottle and/or filter with you to prevent plastic waste
  • Go on animal-friendly excursions and visit national parks
  • Buy sustainable souvenirs and eat vegetarian food
  • Travel in low season and visit the off-the-beaten-path destinations

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