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Local Experience Shop

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Local Experience Shop is an online platform promoting and selling travel experiences with headquarters in San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico.

Our mother company “Asesores en Ecoturismo Genuino” was the main promoter of one of the Pre-Summit Adventures to “La Encrucijada” Biosphere Reserve in the coast of Chiapas.

Inspired by ATTA and the Adventure Summit held on 2011 in Chiapas, we opened operations on 2012 as a travel agency integrating the best experiences available in this southern state of Mexico.

Now in 2014 we are going national integrating local experiences all around Mexico under the same ethos: “to create sustainable travel experiences that transform destinations”.

We started 2014 year integrating to our platform experiences from the smallest state in Mexico: Tlaxcala.  In February we will have experiences in other central states of Mexico such as Puebla, Morelos and Mexico City!  And by the end of the year we will have covered all Mexico with handpicked and curated half-day and full-day that can be selected by independent travelers or touroperators who would like to include new, authentic and local experiences.

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