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La Paz Tourism Board

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The La Paz Tourism Board is motivated to promote La Paz as an emerging and authentic destination for adventure lovers and vacations in balance with nature and community.

Adventure Travel, Family Vacations, Whale Sharks, Whale watching, Diving, Snorkeling, Todos  Santos (Magic Town), Beaches, Isla Espiritu Santo: UNESCO World Heritage Site, Golf, etc.

Primary Market /Audiences Served: US and Canada West Coast, Spain, Italy, Japan.

  • Geographic Reach/Areas of Operation: Sea of Cortez, Pacific, México, Latin America
  • Special Interest in Connecting with the Adventure Travel Community: Networking, marketing strategy development, research, partnerships/alliances, sustainable travel, travels promotions.

La Paz  is secluded on the east coast of Baja California Sur, facing The Sea of Cortez and it has only quietly been discovered – just as it was discovered by Cortez in 1535, by John Steinbeck in the 1940′s, and Jacques Cousteau in the 1960′s.

Those fortunate enough to find La Paz are careful about sharing their secret. They are passionately protective of its white sand beaches guarded by dreamlike rock formations and forests of cardón cactus, its bay after aqua bay open to discovery and teeming with sea life.

It was Cousteau who deemed the Sea of Cortez “the world’s aquarium,” as it offers one of the planet’s most diverse ecosystems.

La Paz has somehow escaped the crowds but it is known for deeply captivating its visitors and keeping them warm and safe for their stay

La Paz offers one of the world’s most supreme natural environments for outdoor activities. From off road vehicle travels and cardon cactus forest hikes, to tranquil stand up paddle board sunset rides and snorkeling with a vast array of endemic and tropical marine life.

The true gift of La Paz is its natural privacy, restorative energy, abundant eco-system and peaceful people.

Families, couples and friends find in La Paz a place to feed their mind and soul.



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