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Katerre Expedition

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Katerre Expedition is a company that specializes in onboard expeditions throughout the Rio Negro basin, a spectacular region of the Amazon. We have the expertise that allows you to experience the best in nature and wildlife attractions as well as native cultures and traditions. We are based in the city of Novo Airão, in the central part of the Anavilhanas Archipelago, the second largest archipelago in the world.

We travel with smaller personalized groups of up to 16 people and believe that the experience of each person in the jungle and river communities is best enjoyed in an intimate atmosphere.

We stress a no impact approach when visiting this precious and fragile environment. The ten years of accumulated knowledge of operation in this area has lead us to the concept of the “Cruise Charme Caboclo.” That is, the exploration of the world’s best expression of cultures, exquisite cuisine, rustic architecture, intuitive knowledge of the ecosystem,  the Amazon’s natural properties, and finally, the friendliness of a special and genuine people who look at us with curiosity and respect.

We believe that travelling to a new place must be experienced on a much higher level than just taking home pictures and souvenirs.

Here at Katerre we say that the passenger is also a tourist attraction. Our mission is to bridge the gap between these two worlds: the urban-contemporary and the forgotten world of the forest, transforming a journey into an unforgettable life experience.

Our Itineraries: We have 6 different socio-ecological itineraries: Anavilhanas (4 days); Jaú Forest Park (5 days); Jauaperi-Apaú (7 days); Jauaperi-Xixiaú (8 days); Upper Rio Negro (9 days) and Aracá Mountains (10 days). The wonderful nature and the people who live there are the most important elements of our tours.

Our Boats: Katerre´s boats have different living spaces for various types of clients. The Jacare-Açu, our newest boat, is 64ft long and has large functional and leisure areas for up to 16 passengers and offers a more luxurious option.  Her natural colors and unique appointments blend in beautifully with the spirit of the Amazon. The 52ft Awapé combines the regional style with comfort for up to 10 passengers for long expeditions.

Crew: Katerre´s guides are an important part of any expedition. More than just knowing the region, they are helpful, always cheerful, and adaptable to your group’s personality and culture. The Skipper ensures your safety and a smooth voyage. He manages the crew, plans the route and oversees all aspects of the journey. The cook, one of the best in the region, is also responsible for making your stay onboard as pleasant as possible, so don’t forget your appetite. The crew also includes a cleaning staff.

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  1. Stephen Delahunt

    Hello Katerre Expeditions,
    My group of 6 adults would like to join you
    in the early months of 2020. Is your schedule available?
    Thank you,

  2. JoAnna Haugen

    Hi Stephen,

    As this was published several years ago, I’d recommend reaching out to the tour company directly through its website:

    JoAnna Haugen
    Managing Editor, AdventureTravelNews

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