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June Webinars for ATTA Members: Legal Forms Toolkit & Content Marketing in Supplier / Operator Relationships

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Based on feedback from ATTA Members, current industry trends and development needs, the ATTA presents the following calendar of ATTA Members Tune In Webinars for June, 2011 exclusively for ATTA Members (except where noted for sustainable tourism matters, in which case, the Webinars are open and free to the entire industry).

THURSDAY, JUNE 23, 2011 – 10:00 AM PDT

Legal Issues for Adventure Travel Companies – MEMBERS ONLY

Every adventure travel company requires a solid legal foundation to grow and succeed. For this reason and in response to member requests, ATTA is working to provide legal tools and resources as part of the upcoming Best Practices library.

To kick start the discussion and development of this new member resource, we have asked two ATTA members – who are also attorneys – Mona McPhee (Mona McPhee / Jones Law Group PLLC and Chunnie Wright (Law Office of Chun T. Wright) to provide an overview of the major legal areas where agreements are typically required in your business for insurance and other purposes; such as risk management, employment, intellectual property, confidentiality agreements and more.

We encourage you to participate in this important discussion to learn more about legal issues you should consider when running a successful business. Then, join us on The HUB to continue the discussion and help define a valuable library of legal forms driven and supported by ATTA members.



THURSDAY, JUNE 30, 2011 – 10:00 AM PDT

Content is King; Making the most of your supplier/operator relationships to enhance marketing strategies. – MEMBERS ONLY

Content marketing is the hottest news in the world of marketing today. This month alone Google launched “+1” for recommending great content, and announced that they will track and rank individual content creators (not just the web sites).

So how does this apply to you and the adventure travel industry? A strategic online content marketing strategy can effectively bring travel experiences to life (using words, video, images and more) and establish you and your brand as an expert or thought leader in a specific travel niche.

This Webinar will introduce you to the basics of Content Marketing for the Adventure Travel Industry by illustrating how your blog can be the center of your content marketing strategy.

Also in this Webinar, we will address how suppliers (properties and operators) and outbound tour operators can partner to generate outstanding content.

This Webinar will conclude by offering three tips you can use immediately to start generating outstanding online marketing content.


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