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Jordan Takes Part in “EMITT 2011” Istanbul to Boost Tourism from Turkey

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The 15th East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (EMITT) 2011 opening on Thursday, 10th February 2011 in the Turkish capital, Istanbul for four days with more than 60 participating countries around the world and over 100.000 visitors.

Jordan is participating for the first time in EMITT 2011, represented by the Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) members of active inbound tour operators and associate members from the hospitality sector, to boost tourism from turkey.

EMITT is one of Europe’s 6 largest tourism exhibitions and one of the most growing expos in Europe that is expanding every year and expecting approximately 4000 attendants in 2011. Participating companies includes the world  largest tourism companies to showcase the latest world tourism destinations through governmental organizations, airlines and travel agencies, banking institutions and investors as well as international exhibitors belonging to a number of travel agencies from Europe and North America, Asia and the Arab countries from Tunis , Morocco, Yemen, Algeria, Sudan, Palestine and Lebanon. EMITT Exhibition organized for the 15th time between 10th and 13th of February 2011, by EKIN-ITE Group WITH 10 halls covering 60,000 sqm at the TUYAP exhibition center.

Jordan exhibitors are JITOA members; Ashtar Tours International, Creative Tours, Darna Travel and Tourism, Hermes Arabia Travel, Jordan Tours and Travel, Green Meadows Travel and Tourism, Plaza Tours, Royal Tourism, Travel One, United Travel Agency, Zaatarah & CO. Tourist and Travel Agency, and Days Inn Hotel Aqaba.

JITOA also cooperated with the Jordan Tourism Board in some preparation areas for the exhibition. This cooperation reflects the real contribution in promoting Jordan as a tourist destination to be included in Turkish tourism programs, also to support the inbound tour operators in penetrating new markets and increasing number of tourists to the kingdom.

This is the first international participation for JITOA and it will help Jordan in penetrating new markets and creating real opportunities for the inbound tourism sector. JITOA aims to contribute in the development of  the inbound tourism to Jordan along with The Jordan Tourism Board efforts for promoting Jordan as a tourism destination,” said Mr. Mohammad Samih, JITOA Chairman.

JITOA is exhibiting in a well designed 78sqm floor area, with 12 participating companies in one platform, in pavilion number 2520 in salon2. The area designed with an oriental Jordanian theme with sandy golden colors and outstanding decorations and portraits to get the needed visitors traffic, and to convey world-class attention and highlight the strategic positioning of Jordan as one of the major tourism destination in the region. The booth includes twelve separate counters for members in addition to welcome reception and seven seating VIP lounges for members to carry out private meetings with the exhibition visitors.

Mr. Samih added “We are targeting Turkey being one of the destinations that have shown remarkable growth and we seek to strengthen ways of cooperation with the Turkish market and support tourism exchange between the two countries.” This emphasizes the importance of Jordan presence at international exhibitions and road shows will influence travel agents interests to include Jordan in their tourism itineraries and enforce competitive positioning of Jordan on the tourism map.

This participation aims at enhancing relations with the Turkish tourism market and an opportunity to increase the number of inbound tourists from Turkey. Jordan aims to strengthen the tourism ties between the two countries and has recently discussed the ways of cooperation in a meeting held between Turkish tourism officials and the tourism ministers of Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

Mr. Samih remarked that Jordan Inbound Tourism industry is looking forward to the promising opportunities with the Turkish market to help increase the number of tourists from Turkey, especially after the recent Jordan visa fees exemption for Turkish nationalities, which will reflect positively on tourism to the Kingdom.

This interest was enforced after the recent discussions for an idea of introducing a single tourist visa for Jordan, Syria, Lebanon and turkey; the idea is considered in the context of the choice of ways to use the shared historical and cultural heritage of the four countries and increase international and domestic tourism flows.

JITOA is working on expanding its international exposure and planning to organize more participations in international trade shows and exhibitions. JITOA plans are directed towards  supporting the tourism sector through covering the destinations that are not under the Jordan Tourism Board plans, to help in entering different markets.

This participation is under the grant JITOA won last year from the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) of the Jordan Services Modernization Program (JSMP) funded by the European Commission.

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