JITOA Attending the “EMITT” in Istanbul Next Month to Boost Tourism from Turkey

11 January 2011

The Jordan Inbound Tour Operators Association (JITOA) will represent Jordan at the 15th East Mediterranean International Travel and Tourism Exhibition (EMITT 2011) along with over 50 countries all over the world.  EMITT is one of the growing tourism expos held in Turkey between 10th and 13th of February 2011. This participation is aimed at enhancing relations with the Turkish tourism market and further increase the number of inbound tourists from Turkey.

According to the recent Turkish delegation visit that was headed by the President of Turkish travel agents association, he mentioned in his meeting with Jordan Minister of Tourism and Antiquities that Jordan is an important tourism destination for the Turkish market. He also stressed that the Turkish travel agents are ready to include Jordan in their programs. They discussed  ways to cooperate in organizing combined tour packages with Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and establishing a tourist free area between them.

Mr. Mohammad Samih, JITOA Chairman, said that twelve members will participate from top inbound tour operators in a space of 78 meters. He pointed out that such participation is important for promoting Jordan as a key tourist destination in the region.

Samih said, "Our participation will allow new opportunities for Jordan to penetrate new markets and develop the capacity of JITOA members. We are targeting Turkey being one of the destinations that have shown remarkable growth and we seek to strengthen ways of cooperation with the Turkish market and support tourism exchange between the two countries." The Jordan Inbound Tourism industry is looking forward to the promising opportunities with the Turkish market to help increase the number of tourists from Turkey, especially after the recent Jordan visa fees exemption for Turkish nationalities, which will reflect positively on tourism to the Kingdom. It is expected to attract large numbers of tourists coming from Turkey, which will increase to 300 thousand Turkish tourists annually. Participating companies are Ashtar Tours, Creative Tours, Darna Travel and Tourism, Hermesa Arabia Travel, Jordan Tours, Green Meadows Travel and Tourism, Guiding Star Travel, Plaza Tours, Royal Tourism, United Travel Agency, and Days Inn Hotel Aqaba. This participation is under the grant JITOA won from the Jordan Enterprise Development Corporation (JEDCO) of the Jordan Services Modernization Program (JSMP) funded by the European Commission.