Introducing Our First Women-Only Safari

14 January 2019

Over the past few years, the travel industry has seen an undeniable rise of women drawn to the idea of solo travel. According to Trekk Soft, "The average monthly search volume for the term 'solo female travel' grew by 52% between 2016 and 2017." This indicates a shift in the way women want to travel. Additionally, According to the Huffington Post, there has been a 230% increase in the number of women-only travel companies in the past six years, suggesting a very high demand for female-only travel.

Malawian Style have recognised this and teamed up with travel writer, Karen Loftus to deliver a 10-day excursion from November 15th – 25th 2019.

One of the biggest concerns for solo female travellers is safety. The travellers of our Women’s Adventure Travels, Zambian Adventure, will be greeted at the airport and transferred to the first stay of the tour, whereby they will meet the other women and our team on the ground, who will always be on hand to answer any questions a traveller
may have. Furthermore, the group size is relatively small with a minimum six and maximum ten. This way we can create a friendly environment so that it’s easier for our travellers to interact and make friends.

The trip begins in Johannesburg, where for two days will be spent discovering the local culture and historical sites of Johannesburg. From here, you will fly to South Luangwa National Park and spend several days in the bush, enjoying safaris and meeting inspiring women from the women who run projects empowering local women to the leaders of the conservation front protecting the parks animals. The trip comes to an end at the magnificent Victoria Falls. As well as seeing the Falls, you will visit a local school and meet the school’s Girl Empowerment Group.

This trip aims to gather like-minded women who have a passion not only for adventure and wildlife but who want to explore the role of women in Africa. From the ladies breaking the rules and ruling their male-dominated fields to the ladies empowering others to balance the playing field!

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