Introducing Mediterranean Adventures: Discover Adventure Treasures in the Med

11 September 2022

Adventures in off-the-beaten-track regions in Catalonia (Spain), Puglia (Italy), Tunisia, Lebanon, and Jordan? Experiences that offer authenticity, natural and cultural highlights, and benefit the local communities? Meet Mediterranean Adventures. Oh, and don’t miss the chance to discover these adventure pearls yourself during the upcoming FAM and press trips. 

As we all know, adventure travel can be a force for good to change the way people travel. Instead of all jamming together on overcrowded beaches and cities, tourists and travelers may enrich themselves more culturally and physically by diving into sustainable adventure experiences in less-known destinations. 

In a very tiny nutshell, this is the thought behind Mediterranean Adventures. The Mediterranean Adventures brand is delighted to announce its launch and online platform

What is Mediterranean Adventures?

“Mediterranean Adventures aims to increase the visibility and attractiveness of less-known regions in Catalonia, Puglia, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Jordan,” says Lina Al Khaled, project leader of Mediterranean Adventures. “It also aims  to increase international tourist arrivals in the participating destinations.”

Mediterranean Adventures promotes offers of adventure activities directly to the consumer through the Mediterranean Adventures web portal:

The brand stands for sustainable adventure tourism products and experiences reflecting the authenticity and natural and cultural highlights of Catalonia, Puglia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Tunisia.

“Mediterranean Adventures contributes to raising the competitiveness of the local tourism businesses and generating benefits for the local communities,” says Lina Al Khaled. “It will be promoting mainly soft adventure tourism activities such as hiking, biking, or trekking and local cultural experiences.

It aims to give destinations and their official partners a stronger market positioning in the international travel market through joint marketing activities and branding.” 

Proud Event Partner of ATWS

One of the first joint marketing activities of Mediterranean Adventures is sponsoring the Media Room and the Media Events at the Adventure Travel World Summit in Lugano. “We are very proud of this,” says Lina Al Khaled. “You are welcome to join the Mediterranean Adventures team for a chat and more information when attending ATWS.”

Four FAM and Press Trips Coming Up

Mediterranean Adventures is proud to announce four FAM, and press trips to Jordan, Puglia, Catalonia, and Lebanon in November.

If you are either a tour operator selling (soft) adventures or international media, Mediterranean Adventures invites you to apply to be part of one or more of these FAM trips. More information and the program of these FAM trips will follow in early October. 

You can apply via this link.

For more information on Mediterranean Adventures or any other (press) requests, please contact Mediterranean Adventures via [email protected]

See you in the Mediterranean or at ATWS in Switzerland.